Midnight Mania! Is Francis Ngannou on the cusp of a “world celebrity”?

 Midnight Mania!  Is Francis Ngannou on the cusp of a “world celebrity”?

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Francis Ngannou quickly creates a hype. The heavyweight is just scary, a man who deserves his nickname “predator”. He’s gigantic, jagged and stuns the majority of his opponents within the first two minutes.

Despite the disastrous results of their opener, Ngannou is favored to defeat Stipe Miocic in this weekend’s main event (Saturday, March 27, 2021) at UFC 260. If he does, the former King of the heavyweight Daniel Cormier thinks the title will raise his profile tremendously … maybe even at Brock Lesnar’s levels of fame.

“Brock Lesnar was the last (heavyweight champion) who really captured the imagination of everyone in the sport, a guy everyone just wanted to see,” Cormier said on DC and Helwani (transcript via BJPenn.com). “With Francis’ fighting style, if he can become the champion, everyone will be tuned in because he’s so massive.

“I believe Francis Ngannou is standing at the door of the fair world superstar, and man, that’s so intriguing,” Cormier said. “Can you imagine if Francis wins against Stipe and then Francis fights Jon Jones and wins, what kind of star would this man be?”

Admittedly, it is a lot of “If”, but if Ngannou effectively eliminates Miocic and Jones, the sky is the limit for the Cameroonian puncher.


Derek Brunson is guarding the door.

It’s a big fight and a step up for Ili Topuria, but it’s not the first ranked for Ryan Hall – pulling out of the game against Dan Ige really hurt.

We come to the anniversary of a cursed moment.

Shana Dobson may not have had a great career in the UFC, but it’s a hell of a story!

Miocic has a lot of great performances, but his absolute masterclass against Mark Hunt really stands out as his most complete demonstration for me. Brilliant feints and pullback setups!

Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield 3 turns into a very old storyline.

Briefs, rips and knockout clips

Is it a reversal or a slippage? You decide!

It’s a great choice for most underrated fighters, and any new fan should at least check out Igor Vovchanchyn’s highlights. Do other names come to mind?

Getting off the center line is a simple concept that is difficult to master.

Random terrain

A very old shark!

Midnight Music: I came across this playlist dope with “150 best French songs of the 1960s”. I don’t know anything about French music (let alone this specific decade), but I’ve listened to a lot of it today. Here is a track by the only name I know:

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts craze is still going on.


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