Merkel asks Germany to declare France’s high-risk Covid zone

Merkel asks Germany to declare France's high-risk Covid zone

Photographer: Henning Schacht / Pool / Getty Images

Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that Germany would declare France as a high incidence virus zone, which would trigger a negative Covid-19 test requirement for anyone entering from France.

The decision will be based on data Germany used during the pandemic which examines the per capita case rate over a period of time to determine high-risk regions or countries, Merkel said.

While suggesting that a decision is imminent, she said that “this does not mean, for example, that there will be border controls”.

“It is often misunderstood,” Merkel said Thursday after a summit of European Union leaders in which French President Emmanuel Macron also participated. “There will be a clear procedure as to who is to present the tests and how often.”

If confirmed, Germany’s designation is likely to raise concerns in Franco-German border areas, where both suburban and commercial traffic between two countries is a part of everyday life. Paris returned to lockdown last week and the number of other restricted areas in France was expanded on Thursday in a bid to ease pressure on hospitals, which have canceled surgeries to treat Covid-19 patients.

“It will be discussed with France,” Merkel said. “I don’t think it’s a special or extraordinary measure. But if you look at the incidence rate, it is actually necessary. ”

Any decision concerning France will be based on an analysis by the German health agency of the Robert Koch Institute.


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