Meghan and Harry made a ‘dangerous’ point about Queen that ‘went unnoticed’

Meghan and Harry made a 'dangerous' point about Queen that 'went unnoticed'

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made a “dangerous accusation” in their interview with Oprah which has so far been “little noticed”, it has been reported.
Harry explained in the bombshell interview that when you are the head of the firm, there are people around you who give you advice.

But he said “some of this advice was really bad.”

A Mail on Sunday reporter said: “They [in Windsor] are also affected by a particularly dangerous accusation which has so far been little noticed.

“It was the Sussexes’ insinuation to Oprah that there is some sort of distinction between the Queen – which they have tried to say is blameless – and the institution of the monarchy itself.

The Sussexes in their interview with Oprah

In a clip released after the main interview aired, Harry recalled an incident where he and Meghan were asked to stay with the Queen on January 6 last year, but the invitation was revoked by the time they landed in Britain.

Harry said his grandmother had personally invited them to Sandringham to ‘chat, taste and dine’ and spend the night as they returned from Canada for the first time.

But it is claimed that the invitation was canceled when they landed.

Harry and Meghan had remained in Vancouver, where they celebrated Christmas, while details of their departure were debated.

Harry and Meghan said they were invited to have tea with the Queen before the invitation was canceled

The couple said the Queen told them to travel to Norfolk to see her ‘as they land’, before the invitation was resumed.

“My grandma had said ‘by the time you land, come to Sandringham, we would like to chat, come have tea, why don’t you stay for dinner as it’s going to be a long drive and you are going to be exhausted ? ”

He said that “the moment we landed in the UK” he received a message from his then private secretary, conveying a message from the Queen’s private secretary.

He said it was ‘basically saying’ please tell the Duke and Duchess of Sussex he can’t come to Norfolk. The queen is busy, she’s busy all week. ”

Prince Harry insinuated the Queen was receiving bad advice from those around her

Oprah said, “After she just invited you?” ”

Harry replied, “She had just invited me. “The queen is busy, she’s busy all week, don’t come here”. ”

Harry added that when he called the Queen of Frogmore Cottage to ask what had happened, she told him that she had something in her diary that she didn’t know she had.

He said he had asked about the rest of the week and his grandmother replied that she was busy then too.

The Queen with Meghan and Harry in a past royal engagement

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But Harry explained that he didn’t want to “push back” because he knew what was going on.

Harry did not blame the Queen personally for this incident, but claimed he believed the Queen had received ‘bad advice’.

Orpah asked, “Can’t the Queen do what the Queen wants to do?” ”

Harry replied, “When you’re running the business, there are people around you who give you advice.

“And what also made me really sad is that some of this advice was really bad. ”

But a Mail reporter said it was no wonder the palace staff were “furious”.

A source told the newspaper: “Her Majesty can do – and does – whatever she chooses.”


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