Marvel is already developing Hawkeye spinoff with Echo, to be played by Alaqua Cox

Marvel is already developing Hawkeye spinoff with Echo, to be played by Alaqua Cox

Hawk Eye, the Marvel series starring anyone’s favorite Avenger, is slated to air on Disney + later this year (it’s currently filming). The show is already set to generate some good vibes at Marvel HQ, as a spinoff starring Echo is already in development. Echo, real name Maya Lopez, is played by newcomer Alaqua Cox, a deaf and native actress, who will make her screen debut in Hawk Eye. He’s an assassin like Clint, but she has a super power that allows her to mimic the moves of anyone she meets, including their fighting styles, hence the name “Echo”. (The villainous Taskmaster has a similar ability which we’ll see in Black Widow.) The Echo-centric show is in early development with no guarantee of a repeat of the series, but I think this speaks well of Cox’s upcoming performance that Marvel’s brass thinks could wear her own show.
Echo is a cool character in the comics, and she often mixes him up with Daredevil and Moon Knight, who will be played by Oscar Isaac. If you take these rumors of Charlie Cox returning as Daredevil at face value, it kinda looks like Marvel could be putting together a second round of the Defenders, the ‘street-level’ heroes that Netflix does. missed. (Not so many individual characters like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones, but The defenders the series was god.) There are also rumors – very volatile, but still out there – that Krysten Ritter could return as Jessica Jones in She-Hulk. I’d be very interested in a Defenders lineup consisting of Echo, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and She-Hulk. Luke Cage, I don’t know. There have been rumors that Mike Colter has come out as a character, and rumors that Kevin Feige wants him to return for Disney + stuff. At the end of the day, however, Colter is now one step ahead of Bad, a CBS procedure. It may no longer be available (Disney + shows are, so far, significant time investments for actors). One thing that’s clear is that given Marvel’s stellar success on Disney +, we’re in A LOT more superhero shows.



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