March Madness 2021 – Best Times & Biggest Games of the NCAA Tournament

March Madness 2021 - Best Times & Biggest Games of the NCAA Tournament

March Madness has been a story of upheaval in 2021. We are in the second day of the round of 16 and no one knows who will fall today.
Sunday saw the sequel to Loyola Chicago and Oral Roberts’ Cinderella stories. The 8-seeded Ramblers knocked out Illinois in a 71-58 victory that saw Sister John’s prayers for the Illini to shoot within 30 percent of the three-point line.

15-seeded Oral Roberts started the tournament upset Ohio state, and on Sunday they held on for an 81-78 victory over 7-seeded Florida. Oral Roberts has won their games by six points combined, and they will face third-seeded Arkansas in their first Sweet 16 since 1974.

These are not the only upheavals that occurred on Sunday. Syracuse, 11 seeded, looked like one of Jim Boeheim’s best in beating West Virginia at 3, and Oregon State at 12, having previously defeated an Orange team in Tennessee at 5, the did it again against the 4-headed Oklahoma State.

Goodbye Drew Timme mustache?

1-seeded Gonzaga had a superb performance from second-year forward Drew Timme in his victory over 8-seeded Oklahoma. Timme lost 30 points, had 13 rebounds and added four assists for good measure. After the game, he was told his mother said he had to shave his mustache if the Bulldogs won – which was news to him, ultimately.

Luka Garza’s emotional farewells

The 2-seeded Iowa was eliminated by the 7-seeded Oregon on Monday, but it wasn’t for Luka Garza’s lack of effort. Center Hawkeyes scored 36 of his team’s 80 points and added nine rebounds for good measure. After the game, the senior reflected during an emotional press conference on his last game representing Iowa.

to play

Iowa senior Luka Garza gets emotional as he leaves the game for the last time as Hawkeye.

One thing that was more impressive about Garza’s line? Oregon won him those points – they played 16 of his 20 shots.

The slipper – umm, basketball shoe – don’t fit

Remember when Zion Williamson cut so hard his shoe collapsed in a 2019 Duke-North Carolina game? Well, something similar happened to Ben Vander Plas of Ohio in the second round.

The 6-foot-8 junior broke his sole and needed a new pair of shoes halfway through the Bobcats’ game against fifth-seeded Creighton.

Geaux Joe

Joe Burrow led LSU’s football team to the 2019 national championship. He hasn’t finished cheering on his school, taking a seat to watch the eighth-seeded Tigers attempt to upset seed-seeded Michigan. .


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