Madonna accused of photoshopping on TikToker’s body

Madonna accused of photoshopping on TikToker's body

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In 1984, Madonna declared that she was a “material girl, living in a material world”.

So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the pop superstar is in the limelight again, but this time it’s not because of her music.

TikTok influencer Amelia M. Goldie claimed in a new viral video that Madge photographed her face on Goldie’s body in a 2015 Instagram post she used to promote her. Rebellious heart album.

“When Madonna posts a photo of herself on IG to promote her album, but it’s actually your body (I’m not kidding),” Goldie wrote in a TikTok post that raised over two million views.

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Goldie told Buzzfeed she ‘thought it was a joke’ when she saw the photo, but quickly realized it wasn’t when she learned she had appeared on the account. Madonna’s official Instagram.

“I’m looking at Kewl,” Madonna captioned the photo of herself wearing a Joy Division shirt and posting a sulky growl with the hashtag #rebelheart to promote the record’s release.

“I tried contacting his team through Instagram twice with no response,” Goldie told the website. “I think if you play someone else’s body like yours it deserves a mention. But no hard feelings!

Madonna has been accused of photographing her face on the body of a TikToker. Photo via Instagram / TikTok

Madonna didn’t address the brewing controversy, but fans flooded the comments section of the old post.

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« It’s more than annoying – how hasn’t she deleted that yet? YiiiiiikesOne wrote, while another added: “I I think this is the worst Photoshop job I have ever seen. “

Several others pointed out that the watermark of Goldie’s original image is visible in Madonna’s post.

« Maybe she thought we would know because it’s very obvious it’s Photoshopped, ”wrote one defensive fan.

Goldie told Buzzfeed she found it flattering that Madonna used her photo to help promote the album by saying her song Hanged “Was on my teenage reading list for several years. ”

“I’ve been told this is a great ‘party flex’ which makes me laugh,” Goldie said. “I said that in a job interview and they loved it. ”

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