Luxury travel and real estate industries are rethinking wellness in a post-Covid world

Luxury travel and real estate industries are rethinking wellness in a post-Covid world

As vaccines slow the spread of the coronavirus around the planet, a post-Covid existence is slowly focusing on everything from daily routines to large public events.

In the niche area of ​​luxury wellness travel and real estate, a pre-Covid understanding of health-enhancing travel included massages, spa treatments and a post-yoga smoothie. As 2021 slowly emerges from the shadow of the virus, upscale resorts and private estates seek to entice and reassure shoppers that a chosen destination can improve their health at a time when well-being. staff should be a top priority.

The properties shift their understanding of healthy living away from comfort and indulgence, to applications of serious medical advice and proven self-care principles. Beth McGroarty, director of research and public relations at the Global Wellness Institute in Denver, says this trend started before Covid and gained massive momentum during the health crisis.
“The pandemic has revealed how unhealthy we are, and – in the wake of Covid-19 – all travel will now truly be wellness trips,” says McGroarty. “You’re going to see the definition of wellness become more serious and more evidence-based. There will be a much stronger medical connection, such as accredited healthcare professionals on the property to design personal health regimens, perform sleep tests, or create individual diets.

McGroarty predicts that hosting more activities and treatments for outdoor guests and residents will become an industry obsession after more than a year of social distancing and avoiding groups of strangers at home. inside.

“We’ll see the wellness understanding focus more on immunity, with an emphasis on recovery and resilience, as they brace for the possibility of an ongoing health threat,” adds McGroarty. “These healthy changes will go home with travelers or residents to go.”

This new, more serious and scientific approach to healthy living and travel is in effect at the new Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos in Costa Palmas on the Eastern Cape of the Baja Peninsula. While guests and seasonal residents certainly come for the two miles of open beach and Robert Trent Jones Jr.-designed golf course, they can now take advantage of the Four Seasons’ partnership with Patronus Medical.

According to spokesperson Tatia Pacey, the Costa Palmas community, Beach & Yacht Club, and golf course were developed with Patronus, a Washington, DC-based company specializing in personalized medical services.

“The Costa Palmas program focuses on preventing contamination from the outside through comprehensive symptom and temperature control, and on reducing the likelihood of the community spreading,” Pacey explains. “Patronus services also include an on-site doctor and access to a doctor by telemedicine.”

Anne Dimon, president and CEO of the Denver-based Wellness Tourism Association, believes high-end resorts and private communities will continue to offer traditional spa services, but the term ” pampering ”will continue to evolve towards“ prevention ”.

“Wellness tourism is more proactive and medical tourism is more responsive,” says Dimon. “We are seeing more and more overlap that occurs when and where medical and hospitality facilities offer scientifically supported programs and tests. This can help identify health issues or predispositions before symptoms appear. We see more of this integrated into programs and packages at wellness centers and retreats. ”

In these cases, Dimon says doctors can advise the client or guest how to avoid or reverse a condition before it gets worse. She believes the wellness world will evolve towards more choices, like a luxury option or a health improvement program.

“Consumer research tells us that the health improvement option will outweigh the need and desire for luxury, although people may still have both to choose from,” she says. “Travelers will not only seek to maintain their current state of health, but will use the travel time to learn how to balance their immune systems and prevent underlying health issues.”

Developers who are building new properties or renovating pre-existing sites have the evolution of well-being in mind when designing their facilities. For example, construction of the elite Old Lighthouse Club Los Cabos community is underway above the Quivira Golf Club and a short walk from the Pueblo Bonito Resorts.

The Old Lighthouse Club recently announced that it has partnered with wellness company Delos to introduce the DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence Network for all developers. houses in its properties. According to this report, DARWIN operates over a residence’s wifi network and focuses on the healthy smart home functions of “air filtration, water purification, dynamic circadian lighting and comfort-oriented technologies”.

North of the border, Arizona’s $ 2 billion Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley will open by the end of 2021.

“The onset of Covid-19 has led Five Star Development to pivot and better respond to the safety, health and well-being of future customers and residents,” said spokesperson Jan Bracamonte.

In a first for the Ritz-Carlton brand, the resort and 81 residential villas will now have ionized air everywhere with Five Star purchasing more than 1,000 systems that remove more than 95% of airborne viruses and bacteria by 60 minutes. All entrance spaces will be converted to contactless environments and the outdoor dining areas will increase in size.

Over 1,000 miles east, construction on the new wellness-themed community of Richland Pointe is underway in Reynolds Lake Oconee, Georgia. Open at the start of summer, the village will combine an outdoor community with high-tech well-being. Chief Operating Officer Tim Hong says the 500-acre site has been designed around an outdoor theme allowing residents to walk between amenities when they’re not riding bike paths or riding dedicated trails. .

“We use both indoor and outdoor facilities, but we are offering more services, events and outdoor fitness classes than ever before,” says Hong. “To showcase the outdoor elements, we chose to include several parks in place of a golf course.”

Scott Cowdrey, Director of Recreation and Wellness, explains that Technogym’s Biocircuit System meets Richland Pointe’s needs for cutting-edge health science with the ability to work in privacy.

“Biocircuit uses the latest hardware and the most advanced software for personalized use by members,” says Cowdrey. “This is the first installation of its kind in a private club.”

“Covid-19 has influenced all of our activities here,” Cowdrey adds. “This has led us to deliver a smarter health experience for members who can choose when and how they want to use their personalized fitness program.”


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