Lockdown changes: latest rules on what you can and can’t do in England and Wales

Lockdown changes: latest rules on what you can and can't do in England and Wales

The ‘rule of six’ returns to England on Monday, allowing friends to catch up

The British will be able to meet again as a group from Monday for the first time in months.

The second phase of the first step out of lockdown marks the return of the “rule of six” and the end of “stay at home” messaging.

For thousands of residents living close to the England-Wales border, this may mean that some families and friends continue to live by two different sets of rules as the Welsh government abandons its ‘stay local’ rule and allowing residents to travel across the country. and even book independent vacations from this weekend.

Here is an overview of the new rules, outlining what is and is not allowed in the two countries.

Yes, although the rules are different in England and Wales.

In England, from March 29, you can meet in groups of six or less, of no more than two households, in any outdoor space. This includes private parks and gardens, with the government asking people to stay put and maintain their social distancing.

The limits on the number of people who can meet outside in England will not be increased until the third stage in May.

In Wales, people have already been allowed to meet in groups of four, but from Saturday six people from two households can meet outside.

The UK government said indoor meetings in England could not take place until May, and even then they would be limited to the ‘rule of six’.

However, the goal is to end all social contact restrictions by June, when Stage Four kicks in, allowing unlimited gatherings of people both inside and out.

At this time, you can only enter someone’s house to use the toilet and to go and return from a garden.

So far, the Welsh government has not made any update on when indoor gatherings involving groups from different households or support bubbles may restart.

Welsh residents can now vacation independently with their household anywhere in Wales

The ‘stay home’ rule is replaced by ‘stay local’ in England at midnight on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean people can go anywhere – although it is not clear to what extent ‘stay at home’. local ”allows people to travel.

Everyone is invited to continue working from home and to minimize the number of trips they make as much as possible.

Outdoor attractions such as zoos and theme parks will not open in England until April, as well as self-contained accommodation such as campsites and vacation rentals that do not have shared indoor facilities.

Even then, people will only be able to go on vacation with their household.

In Wales, the local stay message has now ended, allowing residents to travel wherever they want in the country for the first time since December 20.

Residents of Wales can even visit self-catering holiday accommodation, following the same rules that will be introduced in England next month.

However, people in England cannot travel to Wales on vacation, although ministers plan to lift the ban on people crossing the border – with the exception of essential travel such as work or travel. shopping – April 12.

Travel abroad is also still prohibited, with a new £ 5,000 coming into effect in England for those traveling abroad without a valid reason.

Certain sporting activities are again authorized in England.

Outdoor facilities, including golf courses, tennis and basketball courts, and outdoor swimming pools, may reopen, while officially organized outdoor sports such as five-a-side leagues may also resume.

These sites have been open in Wales since March 13, and up to six people from two households are now allowed to participate in activities.

Organized activities for under 18s can also resume in Wales from Saturday.

Indoor gymnasiums remain closed in England and Wales.

Ads won’t open until next month at the earliest
Ads won’t open until next month at the earliest

In England, the first pubs, restaurants and cafes can start trading again on April 12.

This is the current date for Stage 2 of the government’s foreclosure roadmap, when hospitality venues can serve customers outside through table service.

Anyone going to a pub in England also won’t need to order a substantial meal with a pint (no more scotch egg debate), but will have to follow the ‘rule of six’.

Most hospitality businesses in Wales still do not have a reopening date, although hotels with private bathrooms and room service may reopen from Saturday.

Other businesses such as pubs are not expected to reopen their doors until the second half of April at the earliest.

Like the ads, not yet. Not in England anyway.

Non-essential retail in England will reopen on April 12, when the lockdown roadmap reaches Stage 2.

As of December, Welsh supermarkets and other stores that were allowed to remain open during the lockdown are no longer able to sell non-essential items.

This changed last week as part of the Welsh government’s easing of restrictions, although non-essential shops themselves are expected to remain closed until April 12, the same day as England.

A review on April 1 will confirm the plans.

In Wales they are already open.

However, east of the border, hairdressers and nail salons can only reopen on April 12.

Marriage rules will change soon to allow couples to invite more guests
Marriage rules will change soon to allow couples to invite more guests

Weddings and civil partnerships in England can still only accommodate six people and “should only take place in exceptional circumstances”.

That number is expected to rise to 15 in April and 30 when England reach stage 3 on the roadmap in May.

Receptions are still prohibited until next month, although small “rule of six” gatherings may begin from today.

Meanwhile, in Wales weddings have been allowed since the start of March, with the number of people allowed to attend depending on the size of the venue.

However, receptions remain prohibited and no date has been set for their resumption.

30 people are allowed to attend funerals in England, although only six can attend a vigil or other memorial event.

From stage 2 on April 12, up to 15 people can participate, including 30 authorized from stage 3 in May.

The rule for funerals in Wales is the same as for weddings; the number of people who can attend depends on the size and layout of the venue, but people are asked to keep the number of participants as small as possible.

Revivals, such as wedding receptions, are still not allowed and no return date is currently set publicly.


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