Liverpool intrigue grows as Steven Gerrard eclipses Jose Mourinho and Brendan Rodgers records

Liverpool intrigue grows as Steven Gerrard eclipses Jose Mourinho and Brendan Rodgers records

Liverpool won’t need a replacement for Jurgen Klopp until 2024, but the odds that Steven Gerrard will be on the shortlist when the time comes is very high.
Gerrard winning the Scottish Premiership with the Rangers this season, stopping Celtic from 10 straight wins, hasn’t gone unnoticed at Anfield, but the reality is that it’s more than silverware that makes them legendary. Reds a candidate.

“Everything he’s done in Scotland is applicable to a job like Liverpool,” Josh WiIlliams said on the Analyzing Anfield podcast.

“Liverpool shouldn’t take chances with coaches – they should be shopping on the business side. Jurgen Klopp, for example, has 20 years of management experience.

“When Liverpool come in to replace Klopp there are a few things you need to have: a proven track record of improving players, a proven winner in terms of silverware, a willingness to work in the structure of a football manager,” speak English. , a style of play that complements what came before and good underlying performance metrics.

“Metrics are what get me excited about Gerrard. Although he dominated Scotland and did well in the Europa League, his numbers are really, really good.

“In 32 games, they’ve conceded nine league goals all season. ”

“They don’t depend on a single charismatic player: they have multiple goal threats on the field,” said David Hughes.

“They have three of the top six scorers in the Scottish League – two against 11 and one against 10.

“They have a good team, but not a team that could win the league on their own without strong leadership and good coaching. ”

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Dig a little deeper into the numbers and the evidence for Gerrard’s coaching abilities is only growing.

“It’s hard to compare Rangers to Manchester City as City face much better opponents,” added Williams.

“But in terms of hits received, the Rangers are facing an average of around 5.9 – that would be the lowest of the Big Five.

“For the prospect, Man City are currently facing 6.8 per game, Liverpool are up against 8.3 per game, and for Rangers to be this low is a statement.

“Rangers concede 0.28 goals per game and to see how good it is, the famous Jose Mourinho side of 2005 who conceded 15 goals all season – more than 0.11 per game less.

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“Their defensive play is absolutely perfect and it takes a lot of inspiration from Rafa Benitez.

“In terms of shot differential – the number of shots you take minus the number you face – the best Brendan Rodgers at Celtic, Gerrard did better last season, and he’s on track to do better this season too. ”

There are a lot of boxes that any potential Liverpool manager must tick before becoming a candidate, but Gerrard is still on track for that to be the case.

And with three more seasons before the suitors have a chance to succeed Klopp at Anfield, Liverpool still have plenty of time to further assess their progress.


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