live updates and last hours

live updates and last hours

SThe final practice of aturday maintained this trend, although the usefulness of a running guide is questionable. High temperatures and daylight compared to the lights on and much cooler track temperatures that we will get in qualifying. However, Max Verstappen came out on top for the third consecutive practice session, seven tenths faster than his closest rival, Hamilton. Will he be able to keep that up in qualifying?
Aside from the battle up front, the rest of the midfielder appears to have closed down. And it was already incredibly tight last year. McLaren and AlphaTauri seem very practical, although Alpine and Aston Martin see a bit of trouble at this early stage.

At the rear, it looks like it’s Alfa Romeo ahead of Williams then Haas, which seem to be in reserve for a very long season indeed.

Qualifying will start at 3pm GMT, and we’ll be there for all the preparation, live updates and feedback for what should be a fascinating session. We will soon find out if everything is as it seems. Who will be happy with the work of the winter and who still has work to do throughout this long season of 23 races.


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