Linn’s flagship next-gen Klimax DSM streamer presents Organik DAC

Linn's flagship next-gen Klimax DSM streamer presents Organik DAC

Linn unveiled its flagship next-generation music streamer Klimax DSM, the original of which kicked off the British company’s successful journey into hi-fi streaming in 2007.
According to Linn, the all-new Klimax DSM represents “a complete reinvention” of its premium banner. Much of this is due to its Organik DAC, the very first fully Linn digital-to-analog converter, completely manufactured in-house. Organik combines FPGA processing (which uses custom algorithms to increase oversampling and provide precise volume control) with a discrete conversion step that benefits from a new ultra-low jitter oscillator and distribution network. clock. This combination – implemented in a double-sided circuit design to reduce signal paths – allowed Linn to have control over every step of the conversion process.


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