Less than half of sheriff’s office workers vaccinated against COVID-19

Less than half of sheriff's office workers vaccinated against COVID-19

Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis said on Saturday that less than half of its employees chose to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Speaking to members of Greenville County Council, Lewis said nearly 300 of the 650 sheriff’s office workers had been vaccinated against COVID-19.
Although Lewis has said all of his employees are eligible for COVID-19 vaccines, he stressed that his office does not have a mandatory vaccination requirement.

Who can get it: All in South Carolina aged 16 and over eligible for COVID vaccine next week

“We’ve had a very slow start,” Lewis said in response to a question from County Councilor Liz Seman. Lewis said more of his employees chose to be vaccinated against COVID-19 after finding that their colleagues who received the vaccines did not experience serious side effects.

He also said that a significant number of his employees developed immunity to COVID-19 after contracting the virus and then recovering. While Lewis said four of his employees were currently infected with COVID-19, he did not disclose the total number of cases in the sheriff’s office during the pandemic.

Seman said in an interview that she asked Lewis about the matter because “obviously vaccinations are a priority right now. ”

“It is important for the county to keep our employees healthy,” she said.

Seman said she was encouraged to learn that an increasing number of employees in the sheriff’s office are being vaccinated. “It’s such an individual choice to make,” she said. “But I also think we have a collective responsibility to keep our community healthy. ”

Sheriff Lewis: Vaccine hesitation is a national problem

In an interview with The Greenville News after his presentation to county council, Lewis said some young MPs were not worried about receiving COVID-19.

The Republican sheriff also said that the reluctance of other employees to be vaccinated reflects a national trend. “You have so many divisions right now in this country and people don’t trust others and some people think it’s a scam, some people don’t believe COVID is a real disease or that the vaccine is a real vaccine ”, there“ There are people who believe that if you take the vaccine, you will somehow be tracked down by the federal government. ” Suite: The Impact of South Carolina Life Sciences Companies on COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

Lewis said he strongly encouraged his employees to get vaccinated.

“You want people to take every precaution possible. The last thing you want is to put them in a dangerous situation, ”Lewis said. I would like to see 100% of them get it. I believe in the vaccine.

“I was one of the first to get it,” he said. “I think it was important as the head of the agency to get it. ”

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