Last Suez Canal: Attempts to Free Ever Given Fail

Last Suez Canal: Attempts to Free Ever Given Fail

Rescue efforts to free cargo blocking Suez Canal

A giant container ship remained stranded in the Suez Canal on Sunday after authorities tried and failed to use the high tide to free the ship and reopen the crucial waterway.

Two attempts to release the Ever Given failed on Saturday, despite hopes that the high water level could give efforts a boost as more than 300 ships wait to use the canal.

Two more tugs are heading to the stricken vessel to aid efforts to free the massive vessel, which has been stuck in the vital waterway since Tuesday.

Tugs will push the 400m-long vessel as dredgers continue to suck up sand below and mud accumulated on the side.

More than 320 ships are waiting to cross the waterway, either to the Mediterranean or to the Red Sea. Dozens more have still indicated that their destination is the canal, although shippers increasingly appear to be avoiding the passage.

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Attempts to float ship fail despite high tide

Two attempts to free the Ever Given failed on Saturday night despite hopes that high tide could give efforts a boost.
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, the ship’s management company, said a dozen tugs worked alongside dredging operations that removed sand and mud from the left side of the ship’s bow on Saturday.
But despite the favorable conditions, they did not succeed.
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