Klopp reveals surprise reaction behind closed doors to Liverpool woes

Klopp reveals surprise reaction behind closed doors to Liverpool woes

Jurgen Klopp has revealed how he usually reacts to disappointments at Liverpool, and it’s not the reaction you’d expect.
Liverpool have endured what can only be described as a nightmarish defense of their Premier League title. Injuries have hit hard, but a collective loss of form has hit key personnel as well. As such, the Reds are 25 points behind the Man City table, fearing they might miss out on a top-four spot.

Winning the Champions League may be their best path back to competition. A tough quarter-final draw against Real Madrid drew a honest boss assessment.

Klopp had to face difficulties during his career at Liverpool before their final trophy-laden years.

Liverpool finished second on four occasions in four different competitions under Klopp before winning their first silverware together in 2019.

This season has tested its limits, with speculation about his future at the club has resurfaced in recent months.

Klopp is known for his demonstrative antics and screaming voice on the sideline. You would think Liverpool’s struggles this year would produce a similar reaction from the German in the dressing room.

However, when you participate in a question and answer session on the club’s official website (via the mirror), Klopp revealed that his reactions were rather more modest.

“Maybe I get mad in the locker room… maybe,” Klopp said.

“But in general, if we lose the game, I try… well, it really makes sense to come home and get a night’s sleep before talking about it properly.

“As you get older you realize in a lot of situations in your life that it really makes sense to feel anger to pull yourself aside or go home and sleep one night and think a bit.

“And then you talk about it, then the emotions come out and you can really talk about the things that really matter.”

Klopp explains strategy to boost Liverpool’s confidence

When asked what steps he is taking to boost the morale of his players after repeated records, Klopp added: “What I try to do in times like this is remind boys of their true quality and believe in it.

“So be confident, stay confident, because with the quality that they have, there is no reason not to be confident. Confidence is based on positivity – if you go through it on your own, this is where you gain confidence.

“You know each other, if you score a goal in a game you just think next time ‘if I’m in a similar situation I’ll score again’.

“This is trust. But if you didn’t score last time it might be a little different. This is where you have to believe in your quality. ”

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