Kevin Durant apologizes to Michael Rapaport after homophobic rant | NBA

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A passionate back-and-forth between NBA star Kevin Durant and actor Michael Rapaport exploded in public view Tuesday after Rapaport posted screenshots of direct messages in which the Brooklyn Nets forward seemed to use homophobic, misogynistic and profane language.

“I get disgusting threats and messages EVERY DAY, but never in my wildest dreams did I think @ KDTrey5 would be one of them”, wrote Tuesday afternoon. “The (snake emoji) itself threatens me now, raises my wife and wants to fight.” It’s supposed to be America’s sweetheart, isn’t it? #ImDaRealMVP ”.

In a private conversation that appears to date back to last year, the 11-time NBA All-Star attacked the 51-year-old sports actor and podcaster with a flurry of very profane insults. Durant then asked for Rapaport’s address and challenged him to a brawl in the streets of New York.

“Your wife doesn’t even respect your slutty ass,” Durant wrote.

According to screenshots, the confrontation began when Rapaport criticized Durant’s post-match interview with TNT’s Charles Barkley following Brooklyn’s season opener win over the Golden State Warriors in December.

Rapaport tweeted at the time: “KD seemed deep in his feelings with the (TNT) team after the game. DAMNIT he is super sensitive to everything. Don’t do the interview.

Durant responded by calling Rapaport a “slut,” “pussy,” “a pale, mushy bitch hungry for sperm” and “shit,” before a series of insults aimed at the actor’s wife.

Durant, 32, appeared to confirm the authenticity of the direct messages in a tweeter Tuesday, then made a lukewarm attempt to defuse the situation in Rapaport’s Instagram comments, writing: “my bad, I apologize”.

Durant could be subject to NBA discipline in light of the league’s precedent to punish anti-gay rhetoric. The late Kobe Bryant and LA Clippers goaltender Rajon Rondo have both been fined for using homophobic slurs.

Previously, Durant was repeatedly surprised using both main Twitter accounts and Twitter accounts to defend against criticism on the social media platform.

In 2017, shortly after joining the Golden State Warriors as a free agent, he responded to a fan who asked for “a legitimate reason” for Durant’s decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder. Writing in the third person, Durant responded by saying, “he didn’t like the organization or play for Billy Donovan” and that “his roster wasn’t that good, it was just him and [Russell Westbrook]. »

Eagle-eyed users quickly noticed that the responses were coming from Durant’s verified feed and not, as expected, from an anonymous burner account.

“I use Twitter to engage with fans,” Durant said Tuesday during a panel at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco. “I think it’s a great way to engage with basketball fans. I got to go a little too far. That’s what sometimes happens when I get into these debates about what I really love, playing basketball.

“I don’t regret applauding anyone or talking to my fans on Twitter. I regret that I used the name of my former coach and the old organization I played for. It was childish. It was silly, all those kinds of words. I apologize for this. “

In 2018, he didn’t even bother with a burner when he applauded teenage fan Kalyb Champion who posted a photo of Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis with the caption: ‘3 two-way elite players but don’t not raising a team much like LeBron and Steph due to their playing / leadership shortcomings.

Durant was quick to comment on the thread, writing, “Bruh is going to sweep you in the dorm, you don’t know hoops.” Stop tagging me in this garbage can ”.

Champion, then 17, wrote about the Guardian’s experience.

“I have no negative feelings towards Durant,” Champion wrote. “I appreciate that he recognized what I had to say, but didn’t like the way he took personal photos of me.


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