Kelly Clarkson Absolutely Loses Him, Falls Off Sofa After Gwyneth Paltrow Says “WAP”

Kelly Clarkson Absolutely Loses Him, Falls Off Sofa After Gwyneth Paltrow Says

As the leading vaginal candle evangelist, it makes sense for Gwyneth Paltrow to be pro “WAP”.

For some reason, however, the admission took Kelly Clarkson by surprise and then some when the Goop founder appeared on her talk show Tuesday.

When the host asked Paltrow to name the song “you go when you’re down,” the Oscar winner made it clear the name of the hit song Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion in full.

“Wet pussy,” Paltrow said unmoved on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” prompting the host to erupt in a major chuckle, before falling from her couch to the floor.
” I finished. I finished. It was – I literally – I need to see the tape back, “said the” American Idol “former, as Paltrow, who virtually appeared on the show, laughed. “Because I felt like I was like, ‘Oh… wait what?’ It was amazing!
Clarkson then crowned Paltrow as her “favorite guest this season”, adding that she saw “I needed this in my soul”.
Paltrow isn’t the only one who enjoys “WAP”, as the song, which unabashedly celebrates female pleasure, has become one of the defining hits of the past year. The track peaked at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 10 in August, where it stayed for weeks with its video and racy lyrics sparking all kinds of conversation at the time.
Cardi B and Megan debuted the song’s very first performance on the Grammys stage earlier this month, with the two rappers changing many of the original lines in “WAP” during the live broadcast. The electrifying performance still managed to attract criticism from conservative experts like Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson. The FCC said it received around 80 complaints from viewers on Grammys night.
The Bronx rapper hilariously responded to the controversy, openly mocking his critics and thanking them for the free publicity.
“Imagine if wap caused the downfall of the American Empire and not the bomb threats from North Korea, terrorism, racism or bad government?” she wrote on Twitter earlier this month, adding, “THIS WOULD BE SO ICONIC !!! ”

Cardi B has yet to respond to Paltrow praising the song, but we may not be the only ones feeling a Candle Collaboration going forward.


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