Justin Bieber’s mom reacted to his latest tattoo

Justin Bieber's mom reacted to his latest tattoo

Almost anyone with a tattoo can tell you that parents aren’t exactly the biggest fans of our ink.

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As a person with a sleeve and 12 other tattoos, I can confirm.

In fact, for whatever reason, most parents seem to seriously hate them!


If your parents love your tattoos, you’re so lucky, man. I barely remember a Thanksgiving dinner without someone mentioning them.

So, I found myself laughing today as I scrolled through Instagram and stumbled upon a recent post from Justin Bieber.

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The 27-year-old shared a photo of himself getting a tattoo by popular artist Dr Woo, who also made the rose on Justin’s neck.

And then the musician showed the finished piece: a tiny peach.

But the best part of it all wasn’t the post itself, but the comments! There was one left by none other than Justin’s mom, Pattie!

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She just wrote, “Haven’t you had enough yet?” “

MDR! He would have over 60 tattoos, so you’d think Pattie would be used to that by now!

I guess even women who have given birth to celebrities are still just moms who aren’t impressed with their kids’ tattoos at the end of the day.

do you have tattoos? What do your parents think of them? LMK in the comments below!

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