Justin Bieber visits prison with pastor in Los Angeles

Justin Bieber visits prison with pastor in Los Angeles

Justin Bieber posted Justice last Friday. Aside from its blatant abuse of MLK quotes without context, this is a very good pop album – much better than the last one. Bieber spent his release weekend vacationing in the Turks and Caicos Islands, but now that he’s back in the US, he’s apparently doing things less glamorous, like visiting jail.
As TMZ points out, Bieber today visited the Los Angeles County California State Prison with his pastor for some sort of ministerial visit. We don’t know if he spoke, sang or what. It’s also unclear which pastor he was there with, but it probably wasn’t Carl Lentz, the famous pastor from the Hillsong New York branch, who previously mentored Bieber but recently resigned after cheating on his wife. . Bieber has been linked with a number of famous pastors over the years, and in January he made it clear that he had moved from Hillsong to CHURCHOME – which, as you can deduce from his name, is a group of churches. which meets in people’s homes.

ANYWAY, according to TMZ source, Bieber’s prison visit was safe for COVID, he was there to ‘support faith-based programs’, and he ended up in the camper van he and his wife drove in the western United States lately. In related news, he shared the gospel message and his own personal testimony on Instagram today.


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