Jurgen Klopp asked Mohamed Salah to make key change – or it could cost Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp asked Mohamed Salah to make key change - or it could cost Liverpool

Former chief referees Keith Hackett told Jurgen Klopp to demand a key change from Mohamed Salah, warning it could cost Liverpool if he doesn’t.
Salah has been accused of easily taking to the ground in their last match at Wolverhampton Wanderers following a challenge from Willy Boly.

The incident followed other critical points in Reds games this calendar year when the Reds winger collapsed after challenges from Lucas Digne of Everton, Ricardo Pereira of Leicester City and Ruben Dias Manchester City – the latter saw a penalty awarded.

Hackett, the former director of the Professional Match Officials Council, told Football Insider, “I think what he (Salah) is doing is putting some pressure on the referees to s. ‘make sure he has the right eyesight. angle of view.

“The referees have to get relatively close to see what the level of contact is and if he goes to the ground before contact is made.

“It’s a challenge for the referees, a player of this type. They are players who easily go to the ground. There are times when Salah goes to the ground winning nothing and the referee does nothing.

“For me, this whole area of ​​pretending to deceive a referee needs a crackdown. The referees at the start of next season have to say ‘Okay, we’ll try to cut that out of the game.’ ”

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The 76-year-old retired Sheffield official added that he believed it would be beneficial for Jurgen Klopp to speak to the Egypt international about the matter.

Hackett said: I would like his manager to whisper in his ear and say “Look, come on …”

“But the game is different professionally. It’s almost winning at all costs.

“There’s an element of a boy who cried wolf here. I’ve seen incidents where Salah was fouled and didn’t receive a penalty, so it works both ways.

“Reputation is being built and there is no doubt that referees can be conditioned. In the modern game, the referees are more prepared and there is no doubt that he has that reputation.


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