Judge Rob Rinder assaulted for his phone by “3 balaclava boys”

Judge Rob Rinder assaulted for his phone by

TV judge Rob Rinder today spoke of his “deep sadness” for the thieves who seized his cell phone on a London street.

ITV’s Judge Rinder star revealed details of the assault near Finchley Road tube station last night.

In a tweet, he said three “boys” wearing bicycle hoods grabbed the handset and laughed begging them to drop it.
But today he said the anger was gone and he only felt sorry for the young people.
The 42-year-old lawyer told The Standard: “After the limited wave of rage (now gone), I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness for these boys, that this is where they are.
“I hope they can find something else for their life. How sad they must be; they do not know the path they are taking. I honestly hope they find a purpose, some joy and something legal to do before they get to the end of the road because I have seen – after years of criminal work – what is there -low.
Rinder, who is also an Evening Standard columnist, said in his tweet that he was “in shock but I am confident and privileged. Others are less fortunate ”.
He offered a financial reward for the information that led to the location of the attackers.
His tweets garnered messages of support from famous friends, including Channel 4 broadcaster Krishnan Guru-Murthy, who wrote: “Poor thing! What an absolute b ****** s. The main thing is that you are well. I tried texting you but… .. doh. Call if you need anything.
Singer Beverley Knight added, “I’m so sorry Robert. I don’t care about the privilege, nothing that happened to you is okay. Nobody, absolutely nobody likes a little ass.
The BBC star, 55, warned his fans to be vigilant and described the theft as a “pretty horrific experience”.
A Scotland Yard spokesperson said police were investigating the theft at around 8:40 p.m. at Finchley Road. “Three men dressed in black approached the victim and took his cell phone. Investigations are ongoing and no arrests have been made. ”
The incident came as police investigating a series of moped thefts in south-west London charged two men.
The victims – mostly women – were targeted as they marched in the areas of Clapham, Balham and Tooting.
The men, both 26, were arrested Monday and charged yesterday with 23 thefts and 20 robberies between October and November last year.


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