John Cena reacts to Randy Orton’s interview with Steve Austin

John Cena reacts to Randy Orton's interview with Steve Austin

John Cena took to Twitter today to congratulate Randy Orton and WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin after watching their new Broken Skull Sessions interview on Peacock and the WWE Network.
Cena responded to a clip of Austin and Orton discussing their finishers, the Stone Cold Stunner and the RKO. Cena pointed out how he spoke about Orton’s ability and natural talent in the ring. He called the interview an honest look at the man he’s known for almost 20 years. Cena also donated props to Austin.

“I’ve known @RandyOrton for almost two decades and I’m talking about his ability in the ring and his natural talent. It was a great interview and an honest look at the man I know, hosted by @steveaustinBSR who has seen and done it all in @WWE. GREAT interview. @peacockTV, ”Cena wrote.

Austin brought up Cena during the interview and mentioned how he thought Orton and Cena had faced each other too many times. Orton noted that Cena is the wrestler who made him realize that listening to the crowd is everything. Orton said they did magic in the ring together, and also noted how easy it was to work with Cena. He praised Cena as one of the smartest people he has ever worked with in the ring.

Cena’s last single TV match with Orton was at the Hell In a Cell 2014 pay-per-view. Cena won this match, which took place inside the cell.

Austin and Orton have not responded to Cena as of this writing. You can see his full tweet below:


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