James Bond’s Nan and Catherine Tate shine at hit-and-miss party

James Bond's Nan and Catherine Tate shine at hit-and-miss party

Another segment found five types of comedy trying their hand at opera. Supervised by soprano Charlotte Church, they performed the classic Turandot aria Nessun Dorma in the studio after just 24 hours of rehearsal. Caroline Quentin and Jayde Adams were particularly strong. Fireworks have gone off. The memories of Italia ’90 returned.
Yet all of the above was ultimately overshadowed by Fife’s bespectacled twins. A powerful montage of key workers and pandemic retirees (including the late Captain Sir Tom Moore) was recorded by a live lighters rendition of the publishers’ ballad Sunshine On Leith. The VT ended on a note of hope with vaccines and relatives reunited. When he returned to presenter David Tennant, his voice broke with emotion. I doubt he is alone.

2‌020: The film was a box office success

One of the funniest sketches was a parody trailer for “the biggest blockbuster ever” – a disaster movie about last year, populated by our lockdown superheroes. “Hopefully there won’t be a sequel,” the slogan read.

The star-studded cast included Russell Brand as body trainer Joe Wicks, Ainsley Harriott as the footballer who nurtures children Marcus Rashford, Anna Friel as the first woman to cut her hair, Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan as mothers. who were fed up with homeschooling. , and Sanjeev Bhaskar as “Barry of EastEnders,” Professor Chris Whitty’s “Next slide please” type, has emerged as the man who invented Zoom. “I’m ready for my vaccine now, Mr. DeMille,” purred the mighty Joan Collins.

All very well watched – aside from the Doctor Who-meets-Casualty track, where they seemed to think Bake Off aired on Thursdays. Hey, I guess a Timelord can watch it any night they want.


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