Is COVID-19 Stress Responsible for Your Cracked Tooth and Sore Jaws?

Is COVID-19 Stress Responsible for Your Cracked Tooth and Sore Jaws?

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – Apparently we don’t just smile and put up with the high stress in our lives during this pandemic. A new survey by the American Dental Association has found that 70% of dentists are seeing more patients who squeak. teeth, clench our jaws and even crack our teeth as we try to deal with the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought into our lives. We asked a local dentist if he saw the same thing in his office.
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“We saw more patients come in, complaining of tightening and squeaking,” said Dr. Donald Tamborello of Tamborello Dental Associates. “We have seen patients with fractured teeth. We’ve seen patients come in with pain and think they need root canals, and then we check their bite, make an occlusal adjustment, and they’re fine. So we noticed changes due to the increased stress level, whatever the cause. ” SEE ALSO: COVID-19 Making You Anxious? Here are some tips that can help you

The important thing to keep in mind is to go see your dentist if you experience pain in your teeth or jaw, often this is an easy fix. Mouthguards can also be a solution for you, which your dentist can recommend and offer options at varying prices. And note that even if you are not stressed, the position of your jaw is changed slightly just by wearing a mask, which decreases your oxygen supply. This can cause you to misalign your jaw in order to get more air.

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