IRS sends second batch of COVID-19 stimulus checks

IRS sends second batch of COVID-19 stimulus checks

The federal government has started handing out a second batch of coronavirus relief payments that will hit some Americans’ bank accounts on Wednesday.

The Internal Revenue Service said it started processing this group of direct deposits on Friday with a payment date of March 24, which means people who are expected to receive them should have the money on Wednesday.

The IRS has not said how many payments are in this batch. But the federal government said a “large number” would be mailed in the form of a physical check or prepaid debit card, so anyone who doesn’t get direct deposit should keep an eye on the mail. .

“Since this new payment package will include more payments by mail, we urge people to watch their mail carefully for a check or debit card in the coming weeks,” the IRS commissioner said Monday. Chuck Rettig in an agency press release.

The first batch of around 90 million “economic impact payments” worth more than $ 242 billion was released last week, causing many taxpayers to rejoice in the government windfall of 1 $ 400.

The IRS plans to roll out additional groups of payments on a weekly basis. Officials say more people receive their money through direct deposit than in the first two rounds of stimulus checks, but the federal government will send a paper check or debit card to anyone for whom the government does not have statements. banking.

The IRS is urging people to watch their mail as some will receive the latest round of stimulus payments in the form of a debit card.
IRS urges people to watch their mail as some will receive latest round of debit card stimulus payments

Anyone who is still waiting for their check can use the IRS ‘Get My Payment’ tool to track the status of the payment.

It is not known, however, when the money will flow to people who depend on federal benefits such as Social Security.

The IRS says these people will receive their stimulus checks the same way they will receive their regular benefits. But several beneficiaries have taken to twitter complain about the lack of a concrete timetable on the part of the government.

In its Monday press release, the IRS said it was working with the Social Security Administration and other agencies “to get 2021 updated information for recipients to ensure it sends automatic payments to as many people as possible. The agency added that it would provide more information “as soon as it becomes available.”


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