Intel shows exactly what we expect from the next generation MacBook Pro

Intel shows exactly what we expect from the next generation MacBook Pro

Intel has become quite aggressive in its recent campaigns against the Mac M1s, as Apple replaces Intel’s Mac line processors with its own Apple Silicon chips. However, while trying to poke fun at Apple, Intel has shown exactly what we expect from the next generation MacBook Pro: an edge-to-edge display.
The new Intel commercials feature Justin Long, the actor who played the Mac Guy in Apple’s “Get a Mac” commercials. In a series of videos, Intel tries to make the case that Intel PCs have many advantages over M1 Macs, which cannot be connected to multiple external monitors or lack several popular games.

However, Intel may have further increased the hype for the next-gen MacBooks. As YouTuber Rene Ritchie noted, the ads shared by Intel show a laptop that doesn’t look exactly like the MacBook Pro M1 currently available. Instead of having large bezels, the MacBook featured in the ad has a nearly borderless display.

Let’s be honest, this is exactly the MacBook Pro we’ve been dreaming of all this time. But no, Intel didn’t accidentally disclose Apple’s new MacBooks. The company said The edge that they were actually using M1 Macs to record the commercials, but the machines were modified during the post-production process for some unknown reason.

You can even check out a comparison between the real MacBook Pro M1 and Intel’s ad version below:

Jokes aside, rumors suggest that Apple will introduce redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch models of the MacBook Pro later this year. New laptops are expected to have reduced bezels, a new Mini-LED display, and of course an Apple Silicon chip.

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