Instructions: create NFTs on iPhone or iPad with the S application! NG

 Instructions: create NFTs on iPhone or iPad with the S application!  NG

The free S app! NG makes it easy to create NFTs on your iPhone or iPad (and soon Mac).
With the market in its early stages, a number of platforms for packaging, selling and promoting NFT versions are starting to emerge. Below we take a look at a new platform called S! NG which allows anyone to quickly create, catalog and sell any idea as an NFT from their iPhone.

What is an NFT? Chances are you’ve at least heard of the trend with NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFTs essentially act as a receipt of ownership over a digital artwork or other digital asset. The transaction and receipt record goes through cryptocurrency platforms, typically the Ethereum blockchain for the transactions we’ve seen so far.

Sotheby’s sold its first digital artwork by artist Beeple as an NFT for a record $ 69 million, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sold his very first tweet for $ 2.9 million of dollars, while the music industry has also embraced the trend of selling packaged music releases. with digital art and other perks like concert tickets – Kings of Leon, Grimes and Elon Musk, to name a few.

Create NFTs on iPhone or iPad

Create an NFT with the S application! NG is as easy as uploading content to any social media app you’ve used.

Once you have downloaded the app and created an account, you can simply upload any file from your iPhone or iCloud Drive to start the process of creating an NFT including audio, videos and pictures. . And you don’t already need a configured Ethereum wallet to get started and create NFTs.

For the example above, I created an NFT for the official album artwork for an upcoming music project I’m releasing. I simply selected the illustration from my iCloud drive (extracting the illustration I had saved to my iCloud desktop folder from my desktop), filled in a little quick info for it with a title, and it’s done.

For NFTs with multiple contributors, the app facilitates the clear allocation of ownership by registering multiple owners in the ‘ Collaborators ” tab by email.

The app automatically starts creating an NFT from what you downloaded, saving it to the blockchain and storing it in your catalog within the app (as pictured above). You can then share and track the activity securely from your catalog.

The S app! NG is one of the first platforms I used that allows all iPhone users to create and share NFTs quickly and easily, even for those who don’t have an Ethereum wallet or knowledge. of cryptocurrency. The app is marketed not only as a way to create NFTs that you could eventually sell as commercial versions, but also as the easiest way for artists to protect their copyrights and catalog their ideas.

This strategy is also the reason why the S! NG has integrated the ability to save new ideas directly into the app. In addition to selecting files from your iPhone and iCloud Drive, you can take photos or record audio and video right in the app.

Currently, there are no editing features for the recorded media in the app, so you are limited to just taking a photo or video with the built-in camera tools or recording an audio clip. It works for recording ideas fast, but there are some proper editing features that could make it a really great tool for musicians and digital artists developing ideas.

How to sell your NFTs

In addition to plans to launch its own marketplace in the coming weeks, the S! NG will support the integration of the OpenSea API, allowing any user who creates NFTs in the application to easily log into their OpenSea account to sell them.

In addition to OpenSea, when S! NG will launch its own marketplace, it will offer an organized selection of NFTs of high level artists. He told us that the market will have no gas fees (the company plans to eventually sell storage for those with large catalogs), which should be attractive enough for those who are selected for the exclusive market, as these fees are often quite high in other markets.

The S app! NG is backed by a number of notable musicians and artists, including the frontman of Canadian band Our Lady Peace, who serves as product manager and will be one of the first to release a new single in the upcoming market of the platform.

You can download the S app for free! NG on iPhone or iPad.

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