Insider trading: Leafs’ main business target is Mikael Granlund

Insider trading: Leafs' main business target is Mikael Granlund

TSN insider trading today contains a firm statement from Frank Seravalli that the Maple Leafs have Mikael Granlund as their primary business target.

To prevent this from already being concluded, the Canadian government is pushing to reduce the quarantine from 14 days to seven days for entering players. Seravalli says the Leafs are leading this charge to change that, and they still haven’t received a no.

Nashville isn’t as an obvious loser in the Central playoff race as they once were. They are second to last by points percentage, and below .500 with 32 games already played, which means they have no hope of progressing. Still, Seravalli says they think that with Chicago looking less good lately (shockingly, since they’re a goalie and two shooters), the Predators might feel less inclined to be salespeople.

Nashville is expected to overtake Dallas, which has played the fewest games in the division, Columbus and Chicago to take fourth in the playoffs, so if they decide not to sell their UFAs, they’re extremely stupid.

If they delay and Kyle Dubas can’t get his quarantine reduced, he may go to some of his other choices and forget about Granlund, according to the report.

And if this all sounds like negotiating through the Insiders, well, that applies to me too, but the part about the Leafs wanting Granlund seems legitimate.

Check out our previous look at this not-so-exciting business candidate, to see how amazed we were:


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