Here’s why Biden is watching the clock

Here's why Biden is watching the clock

For example, now is the time for even more Americans to line up for their Covid-19 vaccinations. The administration doubled its vaccination target in Biden’s first 100 days – now, 200 million shots. States across the country are announcing dates when residents 16 and older will be eligible for vaccination as dangerous variants threaten to halt the country’s progress.

And that’s part of why, despite a second gruesome mass shooting in as many weeks, Biden is focusing first on an infrastructure and jobs bill, not on comprehensive gun reform. His administration has spent weeks preparing the multibillion-dollar package as the administration’s next big political goal following relief from Covid-19.

“We will move on to these [issues] one at a time, and try to do as many simultaneously as possible, ”Biden said at his first press conference as president Thursday.

On Capitol Hill, the filibuster has managed to find its way into multiple political battles. After all, the Senate’s 60-vote requirement appears to hamper Biden’s political movement, as few Republicans, if any, have shown interest in working with Biden.

Still, there is a big caveat here. Moving the voting threshold to 51 votes won’t be the silver bullet some Democrats are looking for. Senate Democrats don’t operate ideologically, and there’s no reason to expect moderates like Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin to stand in line if the filibuster turns kaput.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump continued to perpetuate dangerous lies about the January 6 insurgency – yet another Republican apparently trying to rewrite history.

Now is the time for Vice President Kamala Harris’ first major political mission: to strengthen her bona fide foreign policy to try to unravel the latest wave of migrants on the southern border.

Point: Biden tries to keep time on his side in the back half of his first 100 days.


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