Harry ‘looks lonely’ amid ‘silence’ from his British friends after Oprah’s revelation, expert says

Harry 'looks lonely' amid 'silence' from his British friends after Oprah's revelation, expert says

Prince Harry could feel “a little lonely” following his wife Meghan Markle’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, a royal commentator says.
Meghan’s friends were quick to rush to her defense after she said she had suicidal thoughts and claimed the institution ignored her pleas for help and a royal made a racist comment about her son Archie .

But there was a ‘surprising’ silence from the UK with fewer of Harry’s pals speaking on his behalf and denouncing the couple’s alleged treatment, claims royal commentator Daniela Elser.

Harry told Oprah he felt disappointed in his father and that the breakup with his brother had not been healed, and claimed there was a lack of support and understanding from his family then that he and Meghan were stepping down from their royal roles.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey has been watched by 11 million people in the UK

Gayle King, a friend of the Sussexes and Oprah, said this week that Harry, 36, spoke to Prince Charles and Prince William after the interview.

She said the talks were “not productive”.

Ms King spoke out after a number of Meghan’s friends stood up for the couple, backed their claims against the royal family and praised the American Duchess for speaking out about her mental health issues.

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Royal commentator suggested Harry may be feeling lonely in Los Angeles

Ms King said Meghan, 39, had evidence to back up her claims.

Amid the support from Meghan’s friends in America, royal commentator Ms Elser asked why more of Harry’s friends in Britain were not speaking.

Dean Stott, a friend who gave interviews, stood up for the Sussexes and praised them for sharing their story.

The author and former Special Forces soldier told LBC: “If you see something wrong and needs to be fixed, then it must be fixed, otherwise it will continue. ”

Ms Elser suggested that Harry, now living in suburban Los Angeles with his pregnant wife and one-year-old son, might feel lonely due to the fractured relationship with his family members and the Covid pandemic -19.

Ms Elser wrote for news.com.au: “All of the loudest voices so far are from people on Meghan’s side of the aisle. As the LA side of their social circle came out in demonstrative droves, from London? Crickets. ”

She said there was “something amazing about the silence”.

Ms Elser added: ‘Surely this would be a time for one or two well-placed Eton buddies (with permission, wit) to offer a sympathetic interview or quote here and there to help Brits understand what will make the beloved former British son. through now.

“… It’s hard not to wonder, could Harry be a little lonely right now?”

“When Meghan moved to London in 2017, she found herself detached from her social circle and emotional support base and suffered from an increasingly isolated existence. So, is the mirror image of this happening now? ”


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