Har Mar superstar apologizes after sexual assault charges

Har Mar superstar apologizes after sexual assault charges

Sean Tillman, playing Har Mar Superstar in 2008.

Sean Tillman, playing Har Mar Superstar in 2008.
photo: Jim Dyson (Getty Images)

[Note: This article contains descriptions of sexual assault.]

In an article published today by Minnesota’s Star Tribune, et en a social media statement Written by several “survivors and allies,” musician Sean Tillman – best known for playing the role of Har Mar Superstar – has been accused of sexually inappropriate behavior and comments. The Tribune The article also describes several incidents of alleged assault, including one in which Tillman followed a woman into a bathroom and forcibly kissed her, another in which he exposed himself and stuck his penis into the face of a woman, and a third in which he buried his hands in woman’s pants. The majority of women alleging these incidents remained anonymous at that time, but the social media statement made it clear that “The assaults suffered by 7 survivors who have shared so far range from inappropriate sexual comments and grooming to an physical sexual assault. ”

Tillman responded to the allegations, issuing a statement in which he denied details of a specific incident – which the Tribune, took place in 2016 and prompted many other women to come forward – all the while offering a general apology to the “brave women” who “stepped forward to talk about the way I have treated them, including harmful behavior, abusive and selfish ”. While careful not to blame drugs and alcohol for his behavior, Tillman views his struggles with drug addiction as a contributing factor to his behavior towards women during the time period described. Outside of the 2016 incident, which he said “just didn’t happen that way,” Tillman’s statement avoids directly addressing any of the other allegations made against him.

The music community in Minneapolis, where Tillman came before achieving greater global success, has already started to take action on the charges against him. Speak Tribune, the city’s First Avenue nightclub has cut back its plans to sell tickets to an upcoming Tillman Heart Bones show, and local radio station 89.3 The Current has pulled its music from the rotation.

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