Google is adding a new collection of photos of all the pints you once enjoyed.

Google is adding a new collection of photos of all the pints you once enjoyed.

Do you know what I haven’t seen in over a year? The interior of a pub. Or a bar. Or, indeed, any sort of inn, hotel, saloon, truck stop, tavern, tavern or brewery where money can be exchanged for the sweet relief of the drink. Google, however, didn’t forget and apparently decided to taunt me with a new tag in its Photo app dedicated to this stuff.

As first spotted by 9to5Google, if you open the Google Photos app right now, it should have a new Memories collection at the top of the screen. These are thematic groupings of photos selected by machine learning, and while previous collections have focused on kids or food, this one – aptly titled “Cheers!” – is dedicated to alcohol.

Click on the image and you will see a bittersweet slideshow: photos of drinks drunk with friends and loved ones. Paraphrase Mad MenThe famous Carousel scene is the essence of nostalgia, taking us to a place we want to return to. The bar.

A sample of the Cheers! collection in Google Photos.
Photos de Cameron Faulkner / The Verge

A word of caution: when Edge staff members searched for “Cheers!” »Collection in their own app, not everyone has found it. And those who did noted that the software didn’t always capture all of the relevant images from the pitchers. (Maybe he’s a picky drinker? I can’t understand.)

Either way, it’s another interesting demonstration of the power of Google’s photo machine learning tools as well as a cruel reminder of what most of us are currently missing. And please, if you are in a country where pubs and bars are currently open, where you can just go out and have a pint in the sun, I beg about you: shut up and don’t talk to me.


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