“Godzilla versus. Kong director Adam Wingard at the helm – Deadline

 “Godzilla versus.  Kong director Adam Wingard at the helm - Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Like his new movie Godzilla vs. Kong Opens in U.S. theaters and on HBO Max on Wednesday after hitting a gross $ 123 million Hollywood movie pandemic record in 38 overseas markets over the weekend, director Adam Wingard is set to direct ThunderCats. It is a full-scale feature film based on an animated television series that aired from 1985 to 1989 by Rankin Bass, and several other iterations, comics, and merchandise.
The project was developed by Dan Lin of Rideback and Roy Lee of Vertigo (they were producers of the film directed by Wingard Death threat), with a first screenplay by David Coggeshall. Wingard will rewrite a script with Simon Barrett, and turn it all into a hybrid of CGI and animation. The series focuses on a group of humanoid cat-like aliens who live on the dying planet Thundera. The ThunderCats are forced to flee their homeland.

The film will use the animated series as a starting point, but Wingard will take it in a direction he’s been thinking about for many years. Check out the director’s interview that follows just below to understand just how deep this passion is. Of note, this makes Wingard the first filmmaker to sign a deal with Warner Bros. since its parent company WarnerMedia surprised every director of a WB movie by putting the 2021 slate on HBO Max with its theatrical debut in the States. -United.

Wingard is replaced by CAA, Grandview and Morris Yorn.


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