Giants, Kenny Golladay Talk Contract

Giants, Kenny Golladay Talk Contract

Kenny Golladay’s watch continued on Friday, as the Giants’ fan base eagerly awaited to hear if the big play wide receiver arrived on their squad. And, more specifically, while waiting to see if the Giants, after meeting Golladay, were ready to sign to get him on board.

Golladay arrived at the Giants facility Thursday afternoon for a visit that included dinner. That visit continued until Friday night, with head coach Joe Judge de Golladay, offensive staff members and also general manager Dave Gettleman. The Giants wanted to get Golladay into their building, physically check him out, and also determine if he would be a culture worthy of a franchise that, with Judge calling the shots, isn’t blinded by talent alone.

The Giants were due for a medical exam on Golladay, who has only played five games in 2020, missing two games with a hamstring problem and nine more games with a hip flexor injury. The Giants sent Golladay to the special surgery hospital to be checked out on Friday.

The tour ended with Golladay leaving early Friday evening, but he remained in the area overnight. The visit went well, according to a source, with the Giants apparently happy with what they heard from Golladay. Contract negotiations were underway and the giants seemed confident that a deal could be made.

It’s not Golladay, the player, who is giving the Giants a break here. They know he would instantly become the physical presence that is lacking in their passing game. They understand that Golladay is running on the pitch and that Daniel Jones’s passes would change the complexion of their offense. They also realize that he’s not Randy Moss’ second coming. Yet the Giants are also quite aware of the jolt of psychic energy that a Golladay signing would inject into their fan base and, no doubt, those who roam the hallways and work in the building where the Giants work and train.

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The Giants insisted on an in-person visit with Golladay, 27, as they wanted answers to questions they had about him.

The Giants were to investigate what happened last season, when Golladay injured his hip in a loss to the Colts on November 1. He did not play again, but was not put on the injured reserve as the Lions hoped for his return. There was speculation that Golladay, in search of a new contract, was not rushing into the field.

Darrell Bevell, the Lions’ interim head coach, said last season that the claim was unwarranted. When asked if Golladay was making a business decision by not playing, Bevell told reporters in Detroit: “I can be clear he’s not. ”

A source told the Post that Golladay, during the 2020 season, turned down what was believed to be a long-term extension with the Lions for $ 18 million a year. Other big receivers Amari Cooper, Keenan Allen and DeAndre Hopkins then all signed new deals averaging at least $ 20 million a year. A source said Golladay is considering this annual compensation. He won’t get that out of free will and probably won’t get close to it.

Golladay staged a media boycott last season that lasted for over a month. In October, he posted a photo on Instagram with the caption “It didn’t cost you!”. It was thought to refer to the Lions not signing a new contract. Shortly after, he “liked” an NFL Instagram post that said Detroit head coach Matt Patricia had been fired.

The giants needed to hear what was going on. Remember, the judge told Golden Tate to stay home on a road trip to Washington for what the judge considered selfish acts on the part of the receiver. This woman from Tate complained that its use on social media did not help. Tate was released this offseason.

At the end of last season, Golladay broke his media silence and said, “I mean, everyone knows what I’m capable of. I wasn’t worried like, ‘I need to play, man. I have to show people. People know who Kenny Golladay is and I was really trying to make sure my body was right. I don’t want to go out and put bad stuff on tape. ”

The judge has had a relationship with Patricia since their coaching years with Bill Belichick’s Patriots staff. The judge can contact (and no doubt) Patricia about Golladay. Belichick also has Patricia as a resource. That the Giants and Patriots, two teams that have gone free agency in search of receivers, haven’t jumped at the chance to sign Golladay is telling. That Golladay, considered by many to be the best wide receiver around, wasn’t an early signing by anyone in the league is also telling.

The Giants this offseason have added Kyle O’Brien to their personnel department and he is another source of information on Golladay. O’Brien has spent the last five seasons with the Lions and was there in 2017 when Golladay was selected in northern Illinois in the third round of the NFL Draft.


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