Georgia Man Receives Final Paycheck In Oil Coated Coins

Georgia Man Receives Final Paycheck In Oil Coated Coins

ATLANTA (AP) – A Georgian man said his former employer owed him a pretty penny, $ 915 to be exact, after quitting his job in November.

But Andreas Flaten said he was shocked to see his final payment: 90,000 cents covered in oil or grease, at the end of his driveway earlier this month, media reported. At the top of the stack was an envelope with Flaten’s final pay stub and an explicit leaving message.

“It’s a childish thing to do,” Flaten said.

Flaten said he quit his job at A OK Walker Autoworks in Peachtree City in November. He said he was owed the last check and struggled to get it, even turning to the Georgia Department of Labor for help.

In mid-March, Flaten said as he left his house with his girlfriend that he noticed the pile at the end of his driveway. He said the pennies were covered with some kind of oily substance.

Now his nighttime routine is to clean the coins so he can cash them. He said it took him about an hour and a half to clean up several hundred.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of work for the money I’ve worked for before,” he said. “It’s certainly not fair at all.”

Store owner Miles Walker spoke briefly to WGCL-TV, saying he was unsure whether or not he deposited the pennies with Flaten.

“I don’t really remember,” Walker told the TV station. “It doesn’t matter if he gets paid, that’s all that matters. ”

Walker continued to call Flaten a “weenie”.

Flaten’s girlfriend, Olivia Oxley, said she hopes her boyfriend’s story highlights how people “are treated so badly by their employers.”

She said the couple stopped being angry and viewed the petty act in a positive light.

“With so many cents, we’re bound to find some treasures. I’ve already found one from 1937, ”Oxley said. “After the first full shovel, all we could do was laugh because this poor miserable man was taking so long to be vindictive and cruel. We absolutely refused to let him ruin any of our moments.


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