France wants to host the 2025 World Cup

France wants to host the 2025 World Cup

The new president of the International Rugby League, Troy Grant, is pushing for France to host the next Rugby Union World Cup in 2025.

France, which hosted the inaugural tournament in 1954, is poised to fill the void created by the collapse of the US provisional hosts’ bid, who are now seen by Grant as a potential venue for 2029.
Grant, former New South Wales police minister and deputy prime minister who succeeded New Zealander Greg Barclay as president of the international institution, set out his vision at a press briefing via zoom in which he promised transparency and accessibility.
Grant, who was appointed independent director in February 2020, says the IRL has abandoned the traditional application process to host the World Cups and has started talks in 2025 with new French president Luc Lacoste.

“France must be a strategic priority,” he said. “I hope we can build a convincing argument for the French government to host in partnership with us.

“I told the French government that the Rugby World Cup would be a trio of international events after the Rugby World Cup in 2023 and the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

“We must bring this development back to France, which will also be essential for a new step towards an enlarged Europe.

“They are happy to have it entirely in France or to consider a multi-nation format with France in mind. “

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