France SHOULD be on UK travel ban ‘red list’, says Labor

France SHOULD be on UK travel ban 'red list', says Labor

The chance for FRANCE to be added to the UK’s travel ‘red list’ is increasingly likely after Labor joined calls for travel from the country to be banned.

There has been growing concern about the growing number of Covid cases in the country, as well as the rise of South African and Brazilian variants of the virus.


Labor pushed France to be on the “red list”Credit: Getty

According to the Times, these two variants, which are more resistant to vaccines, account for 40% of all new cases of coronavirus in parts of France.

As a result, Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty and Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam advise that tighter border controls be implemented to try to prevent variants from entering the UK.

Following a presentation by Professor Van-Tam yesterday, an MP told The Times: “Anyone on this call would understand that they think the ‘red list’ needs to be expanded.

“France was the one that kept coming back, but Germany was also mentioned due to the increase in the number of variants. ”

Labor has now supported putting France on the red list, which would mean anyone arriving from the country would have to be quarantined in a hotel for ten days.

The hotel quarantine would not apply to truck drivers, although there are discussions about introducing lateral flow testing for carriers crossing the channel.

Parts of France are back in lockdownCredit: Rex
The country could be the only European destination on the red list3
The country could be the only European destination on the red listCredit: Rex

Shadow Immigration Minister Holly Lynch told The Guardian: “The UK government is recklessly putting vaccine progress at risk by refusing to take action to secure our borders against Covid.

“The fact that they won’t even add France to their own limited red list shows that they continue to fail to understand the consequences of doing too little, too late. ”

However, government sources told The Times that adding France to the red list would be “disproportionate.”

France yesterday reported 14,678 new cases of Covid and has now vaccinated 6.3 million citizens with the first vaccine – 9.5% of the population.

By comparison, the UK reported 5,379 new cases yesterday and vaccinated 28.3 million citizens with the first vaccine – 42.5% of the population.

If added to the red list, it would be the only European destination after Portugal pulled out earlier this month.

However, overseas vacations are still banned in Britain, with the government’s Global Travel Task Force announcing their restart next month.

It is hoped that they can continue from May, although experts have warned that a trip abroad could be cut short all summer.

New laws from Monday will make vacation abroad illegal and anyone who breaks the rules will be fined £ 5,000.

Interior Minister Priti Patel said the government could not “exclude” strict border controls this summer, such as Australia, which would ban all travel.

Deadly Covid variants could enter UK from France, with 68% of travelers not required to self-quarantine


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