France faces ‘inevitable’ lockdown as business surges sharply

France faces 'inevitable' lockdown as business surges sharply

France faces an “inevitable” lockdown as business rises sharply. image: Wikipedia

France faces an “inevitable” lockdown as cases rise sharply.

A third national lockdown seems inevitable for France in the event of a severe blow for Macron as cases rise sharply following the failure of the European vaccine. The number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care units in France has hit a new record for this year as doctors warn that a third wave of the virus could soon overwhelm hospitals.

Data on Sunday showed there were 4,872 intensive care patients treated, near a peak in November during the second wave of the virus in France, but below a high of around 7,000 in April from last year. It comes as a group of 41 hospital doctors in the Paris region signed an article in Le Journal du Dimanche warning that they may soon have to start choosing between patients for emergency treatment.

Scientists have argued that the government’s partial lockdown measures are inadequate in the face of rapidly spreading coronavirus variants.

Over the past seven days, around 37,000 new cases have been reported on average each day, a quarter of the previous seven-day period, as bed shortages in hospitals in the worst-affected areas become acute.

In total, there are currently 28,000 people hospitalized with Covid-19 in France, slightly less than the peak of 32,000 hospitalizations in the first wave in March and April of last year, and 33,500 in the second wave, according to the reports. official figures.
Public health officials reported on Monday that 4,974 people were in intensive care, lower than the first wave peak of 7,019 but above the second wave high of 4,903 seen in November.

“The outlook is worse than frightening,” Jean-Michel Constantin, head of anesthesia and intensive care at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in south-eastern Paris, told RMC radio on Monday.

“We are already at the second wave and we are getting closer to the first … April is going to be terrible.”

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