Ford Maverick 2022 spied without camouflage during photoshoot

Ford Maverick 2022 spied without camouflage during photoshoot

No more speculative renderings and no more spy shots, as the wraps rolled off Ford’s smaller truck weeks (if not months) before the Maverick’s official debut. A TFLtruck The reader took several images of an unmanned pickup truck on the streets of San Diego as the Blue Oval was filming an advertisement for its highly anticipated unibody truck.
Ford’s worst-kept secret seems to be a high-end version (First edition?) as indicated by the body-colored wheel arches. This would make sense given that automakers shoot videos of a high end trim level, as this one is the best in press footage and videos. The Under-Ranger truck looks set to take on the Hyundai Santa Cruz and logic tells us that it will be mechanically linked to the new Bronco Sport.

We can’t help but notice how the rear bumper protrudes a bit from the body, which we’ve seen on disguised prototypes before, but it’s more prominent on this no-camouflage Maverick. We’re probably looking at a production-ready version, with a fairly small bed, as one would expect from a compact truck.

It is difficult to determine the exterior dimensions, although it appears to be smaller than the Honda Ridgeline, another unibody truck. As for the oily lumps, expect the engines to be largely picked up from the Bronco Sport, and it will be interesting to see if Ford plans to sell a front-wheel-drive version of its trucklet. An FWD model would serve as an entry point, which could cost less than $ 20,000 based on a Automotive News report from just over a year ago, which cited dealers familiar with Ford’s plans.

It remains to be seen if the rumor of less than $ 20,000 will materialize or if Ford will decide to expand the list of standard equipment on the base version. Considering that the Bronco Sport starts at $ 26,820, we find it hard to believe that the entry-level Maverick will be much cheaper, unless it’s a Spartan variant. Hopefully Ford will prove us wrong. For what it’s worth, we’ve heard through the vineyard that a front-wheel drive-equipped model will have a torsion beam rear suspension, while more expensive models with all-wheel drive will benefit from an independent rear setup.

Codenamed P758, the new Maverick will scale down the mid-size Ranger and is expected to go on sale for the 2022 model year. Pre-production began last month when Ford built 21 examples of its “C-Pick Up” at the Hermosillo plant in Mexico, and corroborated with the fact that Ford is shooting an ad, an official revelation should be just around the corner.

When it arrives, it could offer a hybrid powertrain from day one. The latest information suggests that the small-sized truck will adapt the electrified crossover setup of the Escape (Kuga in Europe), which uses the same C2 platform that underpins the aforementioned Bronco Sport, the latest Focus and the Lincoln Corsair. Another detail we heard concerns Ford’s plan to sell the Maverick exclusively as a four-door SuperCrew, as these spy photos show.


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