Football: the legend of France and Arsenal, Thierry Henry, leaves social networks for racism and “toxic” abuse

Football: the legend of France and Arsenal, Thierry Henry, leaves social networks for racism and

PARIS (AFP) – Former France team striker Thierry Henry has said he will quit all social media until platforms do more to tackle racism and harassment, thus becoming the latest celebrity to reduce their online presence in case of abuse.

In a statement shared with his combined 14.8 million followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the former Monaco, Arsenal and Barcelona player said he would step down from all social media as of Saturday March 27.

“The sheer volume of racism, intimidation and resulting mental torture is too toxic to ignore,” the 43-year-old wrote, calling for greater “accountability” online.

“It’s far too easy to create an account, use it to intimidate and harass without consequence and remain anonymous,” he added.

“Until this changes, I will be deactivating my accounts on all social platforms. Hope this will happen soon. ”

Like many tech giants, Twitter is increasingly under scrutiny to facilitate torrents of invective against users, usually from anonymous accounts, in often racist or misogynistic posts.

Henry, France’s all-time top scorer, has long been outspoken about racism in football and has spoken of his own struggles as a top black player.

Twitter said in a statement last week that there was “no room for racist abuse” on its platform and that it was working to crack down on abuses against footballers.

But Henry’s decision to quit social media comes just days after another prominent user, American model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen, said she was quitting Twitter after being victimized. ‘abuse.

“It’s time for me to say goodbye,” she wrote in a tweet on Wednesday, shortly before deactivating her account, which had more than 13 million subscribers.

“My desire to be loved and my fear of pissing off people made me someone you didn’t sign up for, and a different human than the one I started here!” Live well, tweeters. “


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