Follow coronavirus updates as PM says ‘absolutely nothing’ to suggest delay to facilitate lockdown

Follow coronavirus updates as PM says 'absolutely nothing' to suggest delay to facilitate lockdown

Boris Johnson: vaccine success is due to “capitalist energy taking private risks”

Boris Johnson has said the lifting of Covid restrictions should continue as planned because he sees “absolutely nothing in the data” to suggest that the government’s plan be halted.

Speaking at the Tories’ Spring Forum, the PM also said that “the energy of capitalism” was behind the UK’s vaccination success – downplaying the role of government and the NHS.

He said if public services played a role, vaccine deployment would not have been possible without “the power of the private sector.”

Meanwhile, the NHS announced that more than 25 million people in England have now received their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, with nearly 2.5 million having had a second dose.

Earlier, the Minister of Vaccines said people over 70 will receive booster shots from September to protect them from new variants of the coronavirus.


‘Go from one extreme to the other’

A scientist advising the government has called for caution in the face of the chancellor’s call for people to ‘come out’ when hospitality reopens, saying England could ‘swing from one extreme to the other’.

Zoe Tidman27 mars 2021 18:02

Zoom quiz – one year later

In the first months of the UK coronavirus lockdown, it looked like the whole country was involved in some version of a virtual pub quiz, Kate Ng written.
For a loyal handful, the weekly catch-up remains a regular appointment and a highlight of their week. For some, organizing Zoom pub quizzes has changed their lives.
A year after the start of the pandemic, she talks to some of the people who have continued the tradition of Zoom quizzes:
Zoe Tidman27 mars 2021 17:45

58 deaths reported in today’s Covid update

According to the government, another 58 people died within 28 days after testing positive for Covid-19, bringing the UK total to 126,573.
Another 4,715 cases have been confirmed in the UK, with sliding data showing a slight increase of 4 percent of cases for the seven days through March 27 compared to the previous week.
Separate figures released by UK statistical agencies show that there are now 149,000 registered deaths in the UK where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate.
Peter Stubley27 mars 2021 17:25

Over 25 million people vaccinated in England

More than 25 million first injections of the coronavirus vaccine have been given in England, the NHS has announced.
NHS England said 25,284,013 first doses were delivered on Friday, an increase of 344,008 the day before, as well as 2,477,711 second doses.
Welcoming this step, Professor Stephen Powis, National Medical Director of the NHS, said: ‘This is the last major step showing rapid and targeted progress in protecting people in England from the coronavirus.
“Passing the 25 million mark is a remarkable achievement for NHS staff across the country who have stung more than half of the adult population and continue to work carefully to identify the last remaining people in priority groups who don’t. have not yet received their blow and urge them to come forward.
Liam James27 mars 2021 17:09

Police urge people to avoid Bristol protests

Police have urged people not to participate in further protests in Bristol after 10 arrests were made last night.
Avon and Somerset Police have urged people planning to participate in further protests in the town over the weekend to “reconsider the situation in the interest of public health.”
In a statement, Chief Superintendent Claire Armes said: “We fully understand the strength of sentiment around the right to protest, but now is not the time. We again ask people to be responsible and stay home this weekend.
“Police resources are in place to make sure we are able to keep our communities safe and maintain order.”
Liam James27 mars 2021 16:59

Facebook freezes Venezuelan President Maduro’s account over Covid disinformation

Facebook has frozen Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s page for violating policies against spreading false information about Covid-19, a company spokesperson said on Saturday.
Mr Maduro has been promoting a herbal remedy, Carvativir, as a “miracle” cure for the coronavirus without scientific evidence.
Facebook took a video in which Mr. Maduro recommends the remedy, and said in a statement, “We are following the guidelines of the [World Health Organisation] however, there is currently no medicine to cure the virus.
“Due to repeated violations of our rules, we are also freezing the page for 30 days, during which time it will be read-only. ”
Maduro said earlier that he had been “censored” by the platform


Liam James27 mars 2021 16:35

No holidaymaker arrested at airports in England despite the crackdown on the Priti Patel coronavirus | Exclusive

No vacationer has been arrested for violating a “ban” on non-essential overseas travel despite a crackdown announced by Priti Patel, figures obtained by The independent.
Data collected in the context of access to information requests suggests that no arrests were made under coronavirus laws at airports in England in the two months following the Minister of Justice. ‘Interior said police would start enforcing the ban.
An NPCC police source said The independent that the January 27 announcement had been “thrown at us” before sufficient law and guidelines were in place, and that senior officers had little appetite for dedicated airport patrols at the time.
Home Affairs Correspondent Lizzie Dearden has the details:
Liam James27 mars 2021 16:10

Am I allowed to drink alcohol before or after my Covid vaccine?

As England begins to reopen after several months of lockdown, a very 2021 question on the lips of many is whether or not you can enjoy a pint – or any alcoholic beverage – before or after receiving a jab Covid-19..
Bethany Dawson took a look at the tips available here:
Liam James27 mars 2021 15:50

Woman loses case after lawyer refuses to wear mask in court

A New York woman lost her personal injury case after the judge dismissed her case when the lawyer refused to wear a mask in court.
Brooklyn Judge Lawrence Knipel dismissed the case after attorney Howard Greenwald said he couldn’t breathe while wearing the mask in the newly reopened court, Le New York Daily News reports.
“I want the record to reflect that I speak with great difficulty,” Greenwald told the judge. “I want the record to reflect the fact that I am sweating profusely from the strain.”
He said, “I just can’t do that,” according to the transcript.
“I’m not challenging the rule,” he says. “I’m just not physically able to follow the rule to do my job as a lawyer. ”
Judge Knipel, who was hospitalized with Covid last spring, told the newspaper: ‘Forget my personal experience with Covid, we have over half a million deaths in this country. We have protocols. The most important protocol is wearing a mask. ”
Liam James27 mars 2021 15:28

Arlene Foster gets her first shot of Covid

The Prime Minister of Northern Ireland has received her first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.
Arlene Foster received a blow from AstraZeneca from a general practitioner in Lisnaskea in her constituency of County Fermanagh on Saturday morning.
As of Friday, 825,310 vaccines had been administered in Northern Ireland – 711,673 of them were first doses and 113,637 were second doses.
The region is set to deliver its first shots to the entire adult population, 1.4 million, by July.
Foster went to Castle Park Recreation Center in Lisnaskea for her jab

(Press Eye via Getty)

Liam James27 mars 2021 15:05


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