Facebook invests an additional $ 8 million to support Canadian journalism

Facebook invests an additional $ 8 million to support Canadian journalism

Facebook announced that it is investing an additional $ 8 million over three years to support Canadian journalism.
The social media giant notes that the $ 8 million investment is in addition to the nearly $ 10 million in partnerships and programs over the past four years.

“These additional dollars will also help ensure that publishers of all sizes can access these funds equitably, especially small local publishers,” Facebook said in a blog post.

As part of this latest investment, Facebook is extending its new Facebook-Canadian Press scholarship until 2024. In addition to the scholarship program, the company says the investment will allow Facebook to create programs to increase the strength of voices under -represented in journalism.

Additionally, Facebook notes that it wants to “explore commercial agreements with publishers to access additional news links as we experiment with ways to connect people to the news on Facebook.”

“As we stated earlier, Facebook will not pay for news links or content that publishers voluntarily place on our platform. However, in cases where the Facebook community could benefit from additional access to news links, Facebook would pay to provide these opportunities to our users. ”

It should be noted that this investment precedes a hearing at a parliamentary committee in which Facebook will face questions about blocking Australian users from sharing information.

Source: Facebook


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