Expert warns people who have been hit by Covid that they are not ‘invincible’

Expert warns people who have been hit by Covid that they are not 'invincible'

Professor Anthony Harnden, vice-chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI), said it was “really important” that people who were vaccinated do not think they are “invincible”.
When asked on BBC Breakfast on Sunday how concerned he is that the Covid vaccination program is going to keep the virus under control as lockdowns are eased, he said: ‘It’s really important that people vaccinated remember that they are not completely protected. .

“They are protected against serious illness, hospitalization and death, but they might not be protected against infection after a dose, it takes three or four weeks for the effects of the vaccine to show and they could still transmit. .

“It’s really important that people who get vaccinated always play by the rules. And I think if we unlock [sic] slowly and people behave … and are very sane about it, then we have a way out.

“Of course, if neither of those things happen and the virus starts to spread again and cases increase, it could mutate, we could find new variants and then we could ‘escape the vaccine’.

“So it’s really, really important that people play by the rules, that we slowly, patiently unblock them, and that those who are vaccinated follow the same rules and don’t think they’re invincible.”


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