Expect summer vacation in June, says Ryanair boss

Expect summer vacation in June, says Ryanair boss

Get ready for the holidays from mid-June, the Ryanair boss said.

At present, it is illegal for anyone from the UK to travel abroad except for a limited number of reasons – which do not include holidays or visiting family or friends.

On Easter Monday, April 5, the government will specify the conditions under which international travel can be allowed – but the indications are that ministers will be cautious.
Non-essential visits abroad will only be permitted on May 17 at the earliest.
But Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary said: “The time has come for optimism. We are very confident that by mid-June, July, August. families will travel to and from the UK, to and from Europe. ”
He said The independent : “We try to run the business with the best information available at the moment.
“By June, 80% of the British population will be vaccinated. I think it is then very difficult to persuade the British people to stay at home and spend their holidays at home at this point.
“The European Union will have largely caught up with the UK, with a huge increase in vaccinations and a huge drop in serious illnesses and hospitalizations across Europe.
“With Europe catching up with the UK, I see very little risk that there will not be reasonable freedom of movement.”


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