Everyone over 50 can now book the Covid vaccine in England

Everyone over 50 can now book the Covid vaccine in England

Vaccination sites have been instructed to recruit additional staff and bring in thousands of volunteers to ensure the program continues to accelerate, with additional ‘pop-up’ vaccination clinics in the workplace , shopping malls and leisure centers.
This follows a doubling of vaccine supplies, in addition to second doses, with exceptional weeks expected to continue throughout the month.

Senior government sources have said the offer is “no longer a constraint” with the NHS urged to increase the number of sites offering jabs so they can be deployed as quickly as possible.

Once the first doses have been offered to the first nine priority groups – which all include those over 50, health and social service workers, and young people with underlying health conditions – it will move on to individuals. aged 40 and over.

Last week, a senior government source said ‘we will do better’ than publicly stated targets, saying it is optimistic that all adults over 40 will be offered a first dose of the vaccine by Easter. , because more supply will be online than originally planned.

Another source said: “We have an exceptional month ahead, the offer is no longer a constraint; this is what the system can cope with. ”

Today marks the 100th day since the start of the NHS program, with the first vaccine given to Maggie Keenan on December 8.


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