Every word of Marcelo Bielsa on the victory of Fulham, Meslier, Bamford, Gelhardt, the safety of the Premier League

Every word of Marcelo Bielsa on the victory of Fulham, Meslier, Bamford, Gelhardt, the safety of the Premier League

Leeds United claimed a long-awaited victory in London on Friday night, after seeing Fulham threatened with 2-1 relegation at Craven Cottage.
Patrick Bamford and Raphinha won the goals meaning Leeds were able to sign the international break with a victory.

Here are all the questions and answers from Marcelo Bielsa’s post-match press conference.

How satisfied are you with this display, especially the way you took control in the second half?

In the first half, until they scored a tie, we were in control. After we equalized there was a segment of confusion on our part. The second half was a half with very little fluctuation in performance.

We defended really well and after they needed to get back into the game it was easier for us to attack.

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Patrick Bamford scored tonight and got an assist. He was ruled out of the England squad, how far do you think he went there with a point to prove?

I don’t think he had that spirit. I guess, I don’t know. I think like all players he plays to be chosen, but I don’t think he has the mind to try to prove them wrong. The fact that he was considered is already of great value. Maybe the time that remains will give him another opportunity.

Because Fulham was in the bottom three tonight, what extra importance does this win bring you?

Every game has its reasons why you should challenge them to the max. In the last game, we faced a quality side at Chelsea. And today against a team with the need for points, which played well and on the back of some good results for them. But for us it was very important to win today.

Are you a better team now than when you played Fulham earlier in the season?

I think our team has improved in many ways. Improved the way they compete with each other. How we manage the different parts of the game. When you come up against a hierarchical team that always improves the level of the players.

Can I ask about Joe Gelhardt – where is he in terms of preparation for the Premier League?

These questions are answered when the player is competing and shows he is ready. He has a role in which he occupies in the team. He is where he is in terms of merit when it comes to the players the club owns. But saying how he’s going to play when it’s his turn is difficult.

As this season draws near, safety and survival were the top priority for many at Leeds United. You have now reached 39 points – do you think this is the safe point you needed to reach and that you are now officially safe?

These are speculations that will be confirmed mathematically.

And with 27 points to go, safety is not confirmed.

Coming into the game, you told us on Wednesday that Patrick had a pain in his hip. Obviously he did well to play tonight and last 77 minutes. He also seemed to shake his knee in the first half. How much of a change was that for him and how close was he to missing something tonight?

He made a very big effort. And I saw him play a very brave game. I saw him play well, generous aside from that. He also helped his teammates get chances and I saw him play in a very valiant way.

How impressed are you that a side that is largely newly promoted and new to the Premier League have reached 39 points at this point in the season? How impressive is that in your opinion?

Leeds have made a significant financial contribution to get the players we have. And throughout the campaign, the players have adapted and absorbed and gained the level necessary to play in this league. Like all teams that have yet to be consolidated, there have been ups and downs. With so many points to play with, there is a lot that could be said anyway.

There has been a lot of emphasis on Illan Meslier this season. How impressed were you with him tonight?

Well, he’s a consistent goalie. I think throughout the campaign he made very few mistakes and was always good.


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