EU ‘doesn’t need’ Russian coronavirus vaccine, official says

EU 'doesn't need' Russian coronavirus vaccine, official says

The European Union does not need Russia’s vaccine against the Sputnik V coronavirus, which is currently being considered for authorization by the EU, a leader responsible for the deployment of vaccination in the bloc mentionned Sunday.
Home Markets Commissioner Thierry Breton, who last week called Sputnik V a “good vaccine”, argued that the EU is able to achieve continent-wide immunity through its own capabilities to production.
« We absolutely don’t need Sputnik V,Breton said on French television, according to Reuters.
Breton’s remarks attracted accusations of bias of the developers of the plan “simply because it is Russian. “

« His comments prompt Sputnik V not to go through the [EU medicines regulator] EMA approval process because @ThierryBreton thinks all is well with European vaccinations,Sputnik V’s Twitter account said.

« Are Europeans satisfied with Breton’s vaccine approach?He asked, alluding to criticism of the EU’s lukewarm vaccination campaign amid rising Covid-19 cases across the continent.

The EMA, or the European Medicines Agency, began a “continuous review” of Sputnik V earlier in March to analyze existing data on its safety and effectiveness before deciding whether Russia could apply for an authorization from the EU.

A peer-reviewed study published last month rated the effectiveness of Sputnik V at 91.6%. More than 50 countries, including EU member Hungary and Slovakia, have so far endorsed Sputnik V.

A number of European leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have signaled in recent days that they will order doses of Sputnik V even if the EMA does not allow them.

« If such [a] The European order did not see the light of day, ”said Merkel city saying Friday, then we have to go the German way.«


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