Erick Fedde no longer has the fourth option

Erick Fedde no longer has the fourth option

An arbitrator ruled that the national right-hander Erick Fedde does not have a fourth minor league option season, reports Washington Post’s Jesse Dougherty (Lien Twitter). This means that Fedde, a former first-round pick, is now out of minor league options and therefore cannot be sent to Triple-A without first being exposed to waivers.
As’s Mark Zuckerman pointed out in February 2020, the Nationals got a fourth option on Fedde for the 2020 season because league rules state that such an option must be granted when a player has run out. all three minor league options while he hasn’t completed five. full ”seasons (between Major and Minor combined).

A “full” season, in these terms, involves 90 days or more on an active roster, be it a major league or a minor league. Time on the casualty list does not count in this definition. As such, Fedde’s 2015 season – what would have been his first “full” season after being drafted 18th overall in 2014 – didn’t count as he was recovering from Tommy John’s surgery for a long time. most of the year and has not accumulated the required 90 days. . As the 2020 season approached, he had played four “full” seasons, but had spent all of his options. A fourth option was given to the Nats.

The Nationals didn’t use that option last year on Fedde, keeping him at MLB level all season. The confusion surrounding Fedde, and others, was whether last year’s shortened schedule constituted a “full” season. It lasted less than 90 days, but service time and salary were prorated, so it could be argued that the time on the roster for the purposes of determining eligibility for minor league options should be treated as the same way. Fedde and Agent Scott Boras have likely appealed that, because he spent the 2020 season on the roster for as long as possible (67 days), he now has five “full” seasons under his belt, canceling the fourth option.

This is a notable development for the staff of national launchers. Fedde had previously appeared to be a potential odd man behind his right-handed colleagues Joe Ross, the fifth starting probable, and Austin Voth, which will probably open the year in the pen. Ross and Voth both had a head start in the competition due to the fact that they were no longer in minor league options, but Fedde is now in a similar position and therefore much more likely to be on the roster. of the opening day.

There is room for the Nats to carry all three hurlers, but the sudden lack of option for Fedde would deprive them of some flexibility in the pickup pen. Brad Hand, Tanner Rainey and Daniel Hudson obviously doesn’t go anywhere on the back of the pen, and Serum Wander also seems to be on solid ground. Voth is most likely penciled in a long point of relief due to his own lack of options. Adding Fedde to this mix might make it harder for a hopeful who isn’t on the list, like Javy War, Luis Avilan or TJ McFarland to break the list. This is also not good news for 40-man lifters like Kyle Finnegan and Ryne Harper, each of them having minor league options remaining.

Earlier this spring, it emerged that several players were waiting to see whether or not they had a fourth minor league option. Cardinals Justin Williams, the wolf cubs Adbert Alzolay and the angels Jaime Barria were among the many players who are currently in this state of limbo. Derrick Goold of the Saint-Louis Post-Dispatch tweeted earlier this afternoon some of that squad were told that they indeed had no options left, so it looks like Fedde is the first known player in that squad.


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