‘Drag Race’ Recap: Season 13 Episode 12 – [Spoiler] Roast Bombs

'Drag Race' Recap: Season 13 Episode 12 - [Spoiler] Roast Bombs

Moments after turning Tina Burner off on the main stage, Utica Queen returned to the werkroom during Friday’s episode of Course de dragsters de RuPaul – but not everyone was in a condragulant mood.

While Rosé was quick to compliment Utica on a well-timed lip, Kandy Muse refused to acknowledge her victory – at least in Utica’s face. “I’m not going to sit here and say to you, ‘Oh, girl, you destroyed lip sync when I don’t think you did,’ Kandy said in a confessional. “I thought Tina destroyed that fucking lip sync.” Meanwhile, Utica wondered aloud if she might be Season 13’s new lip-syncing assassin. (Um, let’s not get ahead of ourselves now.)

“Maybe next time it will be a tripler to win. Kandy suggested, still in the laziest costume, to parade from the seam of LaLa Ri’s gift bag. But the Kandy jokes end here and now, as she entered Week 12 determined to win. And she finally did. Twice.

Her first win, which she shared with Rosé, came via this week’s mini challenge, which tasked the queens to star in their own live makeup tutorial for the perfect glamorous selfie. The trap? They were to do this in pairs, one person serving as the face while the other providing the arms from behind. Look at it all Spectacle de Muppet the madness descends in the video below:

As winners of this week’s mini-challenge, Kandy and Rosé were able to choose the series of shows for Course de dragstersThe very first “Nice Girls Roast”, which brought back three iconic Miss Congenialities of yesteryear: Heidi N. Closet, Nina West, and the perfect, beautiful, Linda Evangelista-esque… Valentina! Both winners wanted to clinch the top spot, which ultimately went to Kandy, leaving Rosé determined to wrap things up as the final act of the evening.

Here’s a breakdown of the good, bad, and (mostly) ugly moments of Friday’s Nice Girls Roast, in order of appearance:

KANDY MUSEUM | Stepping onto the podium with sexy hair and a cinched waist, Kandy set the bar high with quick jokes that got the judges wet for the entire duration. My personal favorite lines included Kandy telling Valentina her angel was Rent direct “Needed an Angel,” as well as his contribution to the ever-growing library of jokes about Ru’s age: “RuPaul is so old, I told him to act his age… and she died.

SYMONE | Having never attended a comedy roast before (“The only roasts I’ve seen are in my mom’s slow cooker”), Symone was nervous about this challenge, but I was convinced she would end up. finish… until it became very clear that she wouldn’t do that. Even Nina had to admit: “Symone is bombing raid. It is as if time stands still. Time stands still! At least Heidi was kind enough to say, “I wish her jokes were as good as they looked.” There is that Miss Congeniality spirit!

UTICA REINE | It’s a good thing Clara the Cow isn’t here to watch this tragedy unfold. After opening up with a successful dig at Symone to bomb her ensemble, Utica proceeded to also bomb. Even more difficult, in fact. Look, did I chuckle at his line “Symone and Pumbaa” at Ross Mathews? Yes. But I was right there with you crickets when she thought Nina could ‘whale talk’, and when she described Heidi as ‘toothy and full of bull semen’. It was just weird. And mean. And not funny.

GOTTMIK | A funeral would have been a more fun follow-up to Utica and Symone, so it’s no surprise that Gottmik kicks her out of the park. One thing she did particularly well was to maintain a playful vibe, even when casting a serious shadow. For example, she tells Ross, “You’re the only person I know who watches porn and c-ms when the pizza is delivered!”

OLIVIA LUX | It was another bomb. It wasn’t as bad as Symone’s or Utica’s, but it wasn’t good. And what was going on with this weird little girl character she chose to play? I’ll say I enjoyed her joke on Ru (“She’s so old, she signed the Declaration of Independence as a parent-slash-guardian”), but it was a brief flicker of a bright spot in an otherwise dark setting.

ROSE | Going last may have been a risk, but it’s the one that paid off for Rosé. His jokes about Valentina being delusional, Nina having big shoulders and Heidi trying to sleep with her (“Lies!”) Were funny enough to keep the momentum going – and damn close. hysterical compared to the no-jokes that some of its previous roasters have attempted to serve.

Kandy’s victory was an acquired (and well-deserved) conclusion, as were Utica and Symone landing in the last two. “One-note” Olivia was certainly a candidate, but she was eventually sent to safety, which left Utica and Symone fighting to the tune of Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry.” (A bop!)

As usual, Utica kind of went around Betty Spaghetti on stage, while Symone went for a more nuanced performance. The subtle movements, the characterization, the drama!

Ultimately, Utica failed to live up to its self-proclaimed title of lip-syncing assassin. She was sent sashaying away, while Symone returned to hang out another day. What do you think of these results? Weigh via our survey below, then leave a comment with your full review.


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