Don’t Break Covid Rules As Lockdown Relaxation Begins, Public Says

Don't Break Covid Rules As Lockdown Relaxation Begins, Public Says

Boris Johnson also stressed the need to be cautious, saying: “I know many will welcome the increased social contact, with groups of six or two households now also able to meet outdoors.
“But we must remain cautious, with cases on the rise across Europe and new variants threatening the deployment of our vaccine. Despite these easements, everyone must continue to play by the rules, remember Hands, Face, Space, and come forward for a vaccine when called. ”

In the new government notice, the public will be urged not to be tempted to meet indoors as the risk of the spread of Covid is significantly higher indoors.

“Saying ‘no’ has never been more important, so try not to fall victim to peer pressure,” says the advice written by psychologist Laverne Antrobus. “Be clear that you are following the rules and that getting together in groups of six and staying outside is the safest way to be together at this time.

“Be firm if people suggest breaking the rules. You might need to be pretty firm if others suggest breaking the rules, such as having a hug.

“In public, sitting apart can seem strange and it can be tempting to sit or stand closer to others, but the two-meter distance is always very important. ”

A new advertising campaign will also encourage people to open windows to improve ventilation in their homes and feature the government’s new slogan “Hands, face, space and fresh air”.

Health officials have said it is important for those who have been vaccinated to continue following the rules as the full impact of the bites on transmission is not yet known.


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