Donald Trump Uses New Website To Rewrite His Presidency History | Donald trump

 Donald Trump Uses New Website To Rewrite His Presidency History |  Donald trump

Donald Trump has launched a new website celebrating his tenure as US President, which includes a very selective account of the history of his tenure. is touted as a platform for its supporters to stay in touch and a place where Trump will continue his America First campaign.

The centerpiece of the site is an 885-word story of the Trump presidency, listing the accomplishments of what she describes as “the most extraordinary political movement in history.”

Sparing any of Trump’s blushes, he says he has dethroned political dynasties, defeated “the Washington establishment” and “overcome virtually all entrenched power structures.”

History omits several important moments of Trump’s presidency, however.

On the economy, the site says, “President Trump has ushered in a period of unprecedented economic growth, job creation, soaring wages and booming incomes.” Trump has often described his administration as building “the greatest economy in our country’s history,” a claim that has been repeatedly denied. He also fails to note that during last year’s pandemic, the US economy suffered one of its worst financial crashes.

The United States has recorded the world’s largest coronavirus death toll under Trump’s watch, but the website describes its handling of the pandemic as successful, saying, “When the coronavirus plague arrived from China, afflicting countries around the world, President Trump acted early and decisively. . He forgets to mention that Trump actually described the coronavirus as a problem that is “going to go away” five times in March 2020, even as the number of cases increased.

A screenshot of Donald Trump’s new website. Photography: Donald Trump official website

It is also absent that Trump became the first US president in history to face impeachment trials in Congress twice. And that he was the first American president to lose the popular vote twice. Hillary Clinton got 2.8 million more votes than Trump in 2016, and Joe Biden’s margin of victory for 2020 was even greater, with 7 million votes.

He also does not mention that he became the first major world leader to be banned from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter while in power after believing he had used their sites to cite an insurgency. . The Capitol riot, which resulted in the loss of five lives, is also not worth mentioning.

The website’s home page boasts that “Donald J. Trump’s office is committed to preserving the magnificent legacy of the Trump administration, while advancing America’s first agenda.”

He also promises that “through civic engagement and public activism, Donald J. Trump’s office will strive to inform, educate and inspire Americans of all walks of life as we seek to building a true American future ”.

Trump retains significant influence over the Republican party despite losing in the 2020 election and alluded to a possible presidential race in 2024. He also began actively supporting Republican candidates who might be able to overthrow other party members. that Trump believes he was disloyal to him for not supporting his baseless allegations of election fraud last year.

In an interview with Fox News this month, Jason Miller, former Trump campaign spokesperson, said that following his Twitter and Facebook bans, Trump would launch his own social media platform in the next months.


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